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Annual Street Resurfacing

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What To Expect During Annual Street Resurfacing

2024 Resurfacing Program

The 2024 annual street resurfacing program is responsible for resurfacing 11 centerline miles of 46 street sections.  Work includes the milling of existing pavement, adjustment of manholes and water valve boxes, installation of sidewalk access ramps, placement of new asphalt, and new pavement markings.

Streets directly affected will have NO PARKING signs posted in advance of work beginning. 

You will still be able to access your home or business, but you may not be able to park as close as you would like. There may be the need to temporarily park on a side street in front of your home for a few days.

The streets listed below began resurfacing in the spring of 2024 and all streets are expected to be completed this fall.

2024 Annual Street Resurfacing

Asbury Circle Meredith Drive Cul-de-sac Utility Adjustments
Audubon Drive Harps Mill Road Farmingwood Lane Final Resurfacing
Avenal Street Marthonna Way Arbor Lodge Drive Pavement Patching
Beaufort Street Scotland Street Hertford Street Concrete Flatwork/ Curb Ramps/ Sidewalk
Bedford Avenue Oberlin Road Latta Street Not Started
Brenda Drive Rock Quarry Road Tee Dee Street Not Started
Brent Road Gorman Street Octavia Street Final Resurfacing
Camargo Lane Blackwolf Run Lane Grand Traverse Drive Final Resurfacing
Dartmouth Road Camelot Drive Windson Place Concrete Flatwork / Curb Ramps / Sidewalk
Donald Ross Drive New Bern Avenue Poole Road Concrete Flatwork / Curb Ramps / Sidewalk
Dunbar Road Ashburton Road Geneva Streeet Not Started
Fernbrook Road Glenbrook Road End Pvmt Not Started
Geneva Street Newcastle Road Liles Road Final Resurfacing
Heritage Place Cul-de-sac Brinkley Drive Not Started
Hillwood Court Cul-de-sac Audubon Drive Final Resurfacing
Hope Street Enterprise Street Logan Court Not Started
Knights Way Audubon Drive Blackwing Court Final Resurfacing
Lakemont Drive Compton Road Northwood Drive Concrete Flatwork/ Curb Ramps/ Sidewalk
Latimer Road Compton Road Purdue Street Concrete Flatwork/ Curb Ramps/ Sidewalk
Loblolly Court Audubon Drive Cul-de-sac Final Resurfacing
Long Cove Court Royal Troon Drive Cul-de-sac Final Resurfacing
Marthonna Way Cul-de-sac Kyle Drive Pavement Patching
Meredith Drive Wilmot Drive Wilmot Drive Utility Adjustments
Metedeconk Lane Blackwolf Run Lane Camargo Lane Final Resurfacing
Mill Stream Court Grist Mill Road Cul-de-sac Final Resurfacing
Nelson Street Parnell Drive Peyton Street Not Started
Newberry Drive Millbrook Road Farley Drive Concrete Flatwork/ Curb Ramps/ Sidewalk
Octavia Street Gorman Street Swift Drive Final Resurfacing
Ortega Road Lambeth Drive Compton Road Concrete Flatwork/ Curb Ramps/ Sidewalk
Osprey Cove Drive Blackwolf Run Lane Blackwolf Run Lane Final Resurfacing
Quail Drive Fenton Street Woodview Drive Pavement Patching
Red Quartz Drive Southgate Drive End Pvmt #2307 Not Started
Ridge Point Lane Gresham Lake Road Cul-de-sac Final Resurfacing
Robin Hood Drive Fenton Street Timber Drive Pavement Patching
Rock Dam Court Grist Mill Road Cul-de-sac Final Resurfacing
Royal Adelaide Way Harbour Towne Drive Cul-de-sac Final Resurfacing
Royal Troon Drive Wild Dunes Drive Harbour Towne Drive Final Resurfacing
Shannon Street Lansing Street Payton Street Not Started
St Mary's Street Peace Street W Wade Avenue Not Started
Stanford Street Pinecroft Drive Stonehill Drive Concrete Flatwork/ Curb Ramps/ Sidewalk
Turtle Point Drive Grand Traverse Drive Linville Ridge Drive Final Resurfacing
Vernon Terrance Windsor Place Cul-de-sac Concrete Flatwork/ Curb Ramps / Sidewalk
Walton Street Nelson Street Lamont Street Pavement Partching
Watergate Court Grist Mill Road Cul-de-sac Final Resurfacing
Waxshaw Court Sinclair Drive Cul-de-sac Not Started
Windsor Place End Pvmt #4100 Ortega Road Concrete Flatwork/ Curb Ramps/ Sidewalk

What To Expect During Annual Street Resurfacing

Learn more about what to expect when your street is being resurfaced.

What To Expect

City-maintained streets that have curbs and gutters are eligible for the Annual Street Resurfacing program. The City maintains an inventory of streets.

For more information on the Annual Street Resurfacing program, or for any construction related questions, email Street Resurfacing.

For questions regarding bicycle markings contact Barbara Godwin.


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