A smiling volunteer cleaning up a stream in Raleigh.

A volunteer holding up trash found in a stream. 

Stormwater Volunteering

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Volunteer with us to help protect the planet! You can volunteer for a day or on a more long-term basis. 

Once you find the program that's right for you, we'll provide everything you need to get started.

Find volunteer opportunities here!

New Volunteer Opportunity!

We launched a Green Stormwater Infrastructure Visual Monitoring pilot program to track how green stormwater infrastructure, or GSI, projects grow and transform over time. Anyone can participate by simply visiting one of the project sites, using one of the phone stands to snap a photo, and then sharing it with us.



  • Volunteers collected more than 13,400 pounds of trash from streams. 
  • Nearly 600 volunteers worked to protect areas near Walnut Creek and Crabtree Creek. 

Thank you for all you've done to reduce water pollution and protect the environment.

All volunteer activities followed social distancing guidelines. 

Two volunteers standing near the streambank of Walnut Creek picking up trash.

Two volunteers carrying a mattress from a stream during a cleanup event. 

A volunteer holding up trash found in a stream. 

A volunteer removing trash from a stream. 

A volunteer using a net to clean out trash from Rocky Branch Creek.

Two volunteers putting trash from Rocky Branch in a garbage bag. 

Two volunteers cleaning up a stream in Laurel Hills Park. 


Learn more about each volunteer program to choose the one that works best with your schedule and interests. 

Program  Description Age Commitment Requirements
Storm Drain Marking Glue “No Dumping” stickers on your neighborhood storm drains to remind others to never put harmful chemicals or other items into the drain. 10 years or older with adult supervision A few hours  Must sign up two weeks in advance and submit data.
Stream Cleanups Join us for a stream cleanup twice a year at different locations in Raleigh. Volunteers help remove thousands of pounds of trash from local streams. 10 years or older with adult supervision A few hours  Register beforehand and wear safety gear (City provided).
Stream Monitoring Learn more about Raleigh's waterways and collect data on the overall health/quality of a stream  18 years or older One-year minimum with training workshop Take part in a workshop before volunteering; collect monthly water samples; collect aquatic insect samples in the fall or spring (optional); and submit data. 
Adopt a Stream Choose a stream to clean throughout the year. This helps us remove trash from streams and identify other sources of pollution. 10 years or older with adult supervision Three-year minimum

 Complete two stream cleanups and submit data

Program Registration

Are you interested in a volunteer program? Fill out the registration form.

Please allow one business day to get a confirmation from staff after you submit the form. 

Note: Stream cleanup registration is separate / available when we have an event scheduled. 

Volunteer Feature: Julie Atashi

See why Julie Atashi and her students work together to clean up the stream near the Follow the Child Montessori School. 

Stormwater Volunteer Feature: Julie Atashi

Hear from Julie Atashi, a long-time stormwater volunteer, who works with her students to clean up the stream near the Follow the Child Montessori school. 

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