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Park and Greenway Projects

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Park Projects Greenway Projects Neighborhood & Community Connections Program Pre-Development Assessment Plans (Formerly System Integration Plans)

What park and greenway projects are happening now?

The Park Development and Communications Division of the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department is responsible for the oversight of park and greenway planning and development.

Neighborhood & Community Connections Program

Project NameStatus
Edwards Mill Road to Laurel Hills ParkComplete
Ray Road to Lake Lynn ParkComplete
Ileagnes Road to Peach Road ParkComplete
N. King Charles Road to Crabtree Creek TrailComplete
Midtown-St. Albans to Crabtree Creek Greenway Trail at Industrial DriveComplete
Sunnybrook Road Park Property to Crabtree Creek TrailDesign
Battle Ridge Community to Neuse River TrailDesign
Battle Ridge North Community to Neuse River TrailDesign
Vintage Drive to Walnut Creek TrailComplete


Pre-Development Assessment Plans (Formerly System Integration Plans)

Park Property Status Dates of Interest
Leonard Tract Complete Adopted 2021
Sunnybrook Complete Adopted 2021
Poole Road Complete Adopted 2021
Watkins Road Complete Adopted 2021
Pearl Creek Complete Adopted 2021
Thorton Road Complete Adopted 2021
Wooten Meadows Complete Adopted 2014
Barwell Road Park Complete Adopted 2013
Sierra-Lineberry Complete Adopted 2013
Erinsbrook Drive Complete Adopted 2011
Forestville Road Complete Adopted 2010
Kyle Drive Complete Adopted 2010
Alvis Farm Complete Adopted 2007
Milburnie Complete Adopted 2007
Strickland Road Complete Adopted 2007





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