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Background New Bern Avenue Artists Artist in Residence Program

We are excited to share that the Wake BRT New Bern Ave conceptual art designs are now available for public review. Share your feedback


In November of 2016, Wake County voters approved a plan to expand and better connect the public transit network. The Wake Transit Plan identified transit improvements, including the implementation of four (4) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridors.

Understanding the benefits of including local culture, history, and art into community projects, the City continues to identify opportunities for art integration within the Wake BRT corridor projects. Art can transform civic spaces, foster shared community interactions, and celebrate unique stories and collective history. Furthermore, high-quality art and design can improve the customer experience and increase ridership while creating a sense of identity and adding vibrancy to transit systems.

New Bern Avenue Artists

In Fall 2021, Calls for Artists were published for the purpose of hiring North Carolina artists to create artwork along the Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue corridor. After reviewing all application submittals, semifinalists were chosen and interviewed by selection panels. The selection panels consisted of representatives from St. Augustine University, the Public Art and Design Board, New Bern Avenue Corridor Alliance, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, and local artists and community members. A total of 11 artists were selected. View a collective biography of the New Bern artists

Leslie Bartlebaugh
Glass Artist

Johnny Lee Chapman III
Concrete Integration Artist

Photograph by Sarah Demuth

Jane Cheek
Glass Artist

Max Dowdle
Glass Artist

Shawn Etheridge
Glass Artist

Mayanthi Jayawardena
Glass Artist

Georges Le Chevallier Glass Artist

Felix Obelix
Glass Artist

Alberto Ortega
Glass Artist

Kiara Sanders
Glass Artist

David Wilson
Railing Artist

Artist in Residence Program

Headshot of Dare Coulter, Artist-In-Residence for the Wake Bus Rapid Transit Program

In Fall 2020, Dare Coulter was selected as the Artist in Residence to assist with art integration into the Wake BRT program.  On a system level, Dare worked to identify “blank canvases” (areas to integrate art) where future artwork will be considered for the entire BRT system. Then, along the Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue corridor Dare created conceptual ideas and inspiration for art integration through community engagement and outreach.

Dare Coulter finished her residency in Fall 2021 and published a final report - Wake BRT Art Integration Report & Recommendations. This report includes recommendations for concrete integration, artistic railings, and glass art at stations along the New Bern Avenue corridor. This report will serve as a guide for future artists who will create and install art along the corridor.

Learn more about Dare Coulter



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