A young female artist painting a multi-color mural on a storm drain.

Local artist, Sarahlaine Calva, painting a mural on a storm drain on Sutton Drive. 

Storm Drain Murals in Raleigh

Artwork that helps show how pollution affects waterways

Have some storm drains around town caught your eye? There are a few with a pop of color and a lot of fun details on them. You'll see bright colors, raindrops, fish, flowers, the sun, buildings, and other elements that represent the environment and community. 

The Project 

We partnered with local artist, Sarahlaine Calva, to paint five storm drains. Their purpose is to bring more awareness to the impacts water pollution can have on waterways in our area. It's important that only rain goes down drains – not trash and other litter.

A storm drain and sidewalk mural on Sutton Drive in Raleigh. 

A storm drain and sidewalk mural on Chavis Way in Raleigh. 

A storm drain and sidewalk mural on North Hills Drive in Raleigh. 

A storm drain and sidewalk mural in Nash Square in Raleigh. 

A storm drain and sidewalk mural on Peterson Street in Raleigh. 

Plan Your Trip 

Sarahlaine completed murals in 2018-19 at these locations: 

  • Intersection of Lenoir Street and Chavis Way
  • Nash Square Park 
  • North Hills Drive between Dixon Drive and Northclift Drive 
  • Peterson Street right before Walnut Creek Wetland Center 
  • Intersection of Sutton Drive and Smallwood Drive 

Use this map to plan your trip to see the murals. 

These drains are an important part of the stormwater system. They carry stormwater from streets to streams throughout Raleigh. 




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