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About Raleigh Arts Raleigh Arts Plan Public Art Strategic Plan Economic Impact of the Arts Universal Access & Accessibility Policy

About Raleigh Arts

Raleigh Arts is the City's hub for public art, community arts programming and organizational support for the cultural sector. Raleigh Arts also oversees the Pullen and Sertoma Arts Centers and manages several exhibition spaces as well as the Municipal Art Collection. We work to ensure every resident has access to the arts and support our local creative community.



Name Job Title Email Phone Number
Sarah Powers Executive Director sarah.powers@raleighnc.gov 919-996-4685
S.A. Corrin Arts Grant Director sarah.corrin@raleighnc.gov 919-996-4686
Belva Parker Arts Program Director belva.parker@raleighnc.gov 919-996-4683
Stacy Bloom Rexrode Curator of Exhibitions and Collections stacy.bloom-rexrode@raleighnc.gov 919-996-4687
Kelly McChesney Public Art Director kelly.mcchesney@raleighnc.gov 919-996-5657
Kendal Draper Pullen Arts Center Director kendal.draper@raleighnc.gov 919-996-6126
Julia Meder Sertoma Arts Center Director julia.meder@raleighnc.gov 919-996-2329

Arts Commission

The Arts Commission serves as the official advisory body and advocates for the arts to the City Council. The commission's goal is to connect Raleigh citizens to the arts and continually build the creative community for both residents and visitors.

Learn more about the Arts Commission

Public Art and Design Board

The Public Art and Design Board supports Public Art by developing policy, reviewing projects, advising artists and project managers, and by encouraging community engagement with public art to enhance Raleigh's vitality.

Learn more about the Public Art and Design Board

Raleigh Arts Plan

The City of Raleigh’s Office of Raleigh Arts led the development of the Raleigh Arts Plan, a ten-year master plan to strengthen arts and culture for all of the City’s many communities and people. The planning process began in July 2014 and ended with City Council adoption of the Plan in February 2016.

Learn more about the Raleigh Arts Plan

Public Art Strategic Plan

The Raleigh Public Art Strategic Plan will guide the work of Raleigh Arts staff and the Public Art Design Board (PADB) in planning and implementing public art projects, and it will provide a framework for partnerships with other City departments, artists, cultural organizations, and developers. Altogether, the strategies, actions, and tools in this plan will help Raleigh Arts advance a new, compelling and urgent vision for public art.

Learn more about the Raleigh Public Art Strategic Plan

Economic Impact of the Arts

The nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $531 million in annual economic activity in the City of Raleigh, supporting 18,894 full-time equivalent jobs and generating $53 million in local and state government revenues, according to the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 National Economic Impact Study (AEP5), an economic impact study conducted by Americans for the Arts.

Learn more about the City of Raleigh's arts economic impact study

Universal Access & Accessibility

Raleigh Arts works to ensure every resident has access to the arts. To request any of our documents in braille or text-only large print or to request additional accommodations for our programs or events please contact Raleigh Arts at 919-996-3610.

Universal Access and the Arts comprises initiatives to support Raleigh's Creative Life Vision and has created a learning community to help Wake County organizations improve and become advocates for accessibility.
Learn more about Universal Access and the Arts


Community Initiated Policy 

Policies specifically relating to Do-It-Yourself public art projects. 

Percent for Art

The Percent for Art program allocates one percent of municipal construction funds for public art funding.

Public Art Policy

The rules and ordinances that govern the Public Art Program. Adopted in 2009.


Learn more about Raleigh's public art and collection policy. 



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Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
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