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Up-to-date information about COVID-19 can be found on the Parks COVID-19 Information page.

Although our Arts Partners are closed and/or have canceled programs, we encourage you to check their websites and social media for the many virtual activities they are posting.


Emergency Resources and Tips

Americans for the Arts

Americans for the Arts' mission is to build recognition and support for the extraordinary and dynamic value of the arts and to lead, serve, and advance the diverse networks of organizations and individuals who cultivate the arts in America. They have gathered emergency information into a response and resource center. Please take their Culture Impact Survey.

Arts in Education Roundtable NYC

The New York City Arts in Education Roundtable is a service organization and a community of arts education practitioners sharing information, providing professional development, and communicating with the public to promote our work in schools and beyond.

Arts Ready

ArtsReady, an online emergency preparedness service by and for arts and cultural nonprofits, provides arts organizations with customized business continuity plans for post-crisis sustainability.

Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP)

APAP is monitoring the spread and impact of COVID-19 on a daily basis and working with other field leadership organizations to gather information, share resources, and advocate for the field.

Downtown Raleigh Alliance

Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA) serves as the administrator of the Downtown Raleigh Municipal Services District (MSD). The management and maintenance of the public realm, via the Ambassador program and Team Downtown Raleigh, account for some of the major investments made possible through the MSD. Other program investments include storefront recruitment, business retention, and community engagement programs.

Event Safety Alliance

Event Safety Alliance is a non-profit membership-driven organization dedicated to promoting “life safety first” throughout all phases of event production and execution.

Folk Alliance International

Folk Alliance International’s mission is to serve, strengthen, and engage the global folk music community through preservation, presentation, and promotion. They have created a list of updates and resources.

Freelance Artist Resources

This Freelance Artist Resources list is specifically designed to serve freelance artists, and those interested in supporting the independent artist community. This includes, but is not limited to, actors, designers, producers, technicians, stage managers, musicians, composers, choreographers, visual artists, filmmakers, craft artists, teaching artists, dancers, writers and playwrights, photographers, etc.

HowlRound Theatre Commons

HowlRound is a free and open platform for theatremakers worldwide that amplifies progressive, disruptive ideas about the art form and facilitates connection between diverse practitioners.

National Recreation and Park Association

National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of public parks, recreation, and conservation. They provide resources to focus on success at the local level.

North American Performing Arts Mangers and Agents

North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents (NAPAMA) is a a not-for-profit service organization dedicated to promoting the professionalism of its members and the vitality of the performing arts. NAPAMA has created a targeted resources list for agents, managers, and self-represented artists.

North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

A great resource for information related to various impacts on preparation, planning, and work done by nonprofit organizations. Please take their Impact and Support Survey.

Nonprofit Risk Management Center

The Nonprofit Risk Management Center enables nonprofit leaders to identify and manage risks that threaten their missions and operations, while empowering them to leverage opportunities and take bold, mission-advancing risks.

Real Talk: COVID-19 & 2020 Fundraising

In this recorded webinar, several Seattle-based fundraising consultants talk about how the fundraising landscape has changed and the ways in which organizations can maintain relationships with their donors virtually.

Springboard for the Arts

Springboard for the Arts is committed to creating, amplifying, and sharing resources to support artists and communities. and have created a well-curated list, including a list of Emergency Grant opportunities.

Theatre Communications Group

Theatre Communications Group (TCG) exists to strengthen, nurture, and promote professional theatre in the U.S. and globally. They have created an emergency response Webinar.


Emergency Funding

The Actors Fund

The Actors Fund fosters stability and resiliency, and provides a safety net for performing arts and entertainment professionals over their lifespan.

Adolf & Esther Gottlieb Foundation

The Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Emergency Grant program is intended to provide interim financial assistance to qualified painters, printmakers, and sculptors whose needs are the result of an unforeseen, catastrophic incident, and who lack the resources to meet that situation.

Arts Administrators of Color Emergency Fund

To help address uncertain setbacks, Arts Administrators of Color Network has set up an Arts Leaders of Color Emergency Fund, where donations will go directly to supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) individual artists and arts administrators of color who are financially impacted by COVID-19.


CERF+ was started by artists for artists in the craft community as a grassroots mutual aid focusing on safeguarding artists’ livelihoods nationwide. If you are not in need of funds, consider donating.

The Creator Fund

ConvertKit has launched a $50,000 fund called The Creator Fund to support creators in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a mission-driven company made up of creators, ConvertKit’s heart is with the creator community. Thanks to being bootstrapped, remote, and profitable, they’re in a position to provide financial support.

Dramatists Guild Foundation

Dramatists Guild Foundation provides emergency financial assistance to individual playwrights, composers, lyricists, and bookwriters in dire need of funds due to severe hardship or unexpected illness.

Grant Makers in the Arts

Grant Makers in the Arts provides valuable professional development for arts grantmakers through conferences, workshops, and webinars. They have compiled a resources list regarding artist support.

The Haven Foundation

The mission of The Haven Foundation is to offer interim financial assistance to freelance professionals in the arts who face crises. The Foundation’s reach is the United States, and its awards are granted with a view to helping individuals overcome temporary adversity and return to full-time work.

NC Artist Relief Fund

NC Artist Relief Fund is a collaboration between Artspace, PineCone, United Arts Council, and VAE Raleigh. This fund has been created to support creative individuals who have been financially impacted by gig cancellations due to the outbreak of COVID-19. 100% of donated funds will go directly to artists and arts presenters in North Carolina.

Orange County Artist Relief Fund

All donations received through the Orange County Artist Relief Fund will be donated to the arts commission and will be dispersed through an application process to help those in our local arts community affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation welcomes applications from visual artists who have genuine financial needs that are not necessarily catastrophic. Grants are intended for a one-year period of time.

For Artists & Community Members

Artist Calls

Raleigh Arts connects artists with opportunities by coordinating and posting art calls for projects and exhibitions as they become available.

Citizen-Initiated Projects

Any artist, neighborhood, organization, school, museum or student with an idea for an art project that betters the community can bring their project to the public. Citizen Initiated Projects are designed to bring community-led temporary or permanent public art projects to the City of Raleigh.

Neighborhood Art Funds

Neighborhood Art Funds are for community members and groups that are interested in collaborative art projects for Raleigh’s neighborhoods that support artistic and cultural exploration, connection and understanding.

Neighborhood Improvement Funds

Neighborhood Improvement Funds support projects designed by you and your neighbors for the benefit of your neighborhood. You are urged to develop proposals that make the most of resources and strengthen partnerships

North Carolina Arts Council

The North Carolina Arts Council is pleased to share all current opportunities for artists that have been submitted to them. This list is updated on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.

For Organizations

Raleigh Arts Grants

The Arts Grant program provides funding to non-profit arts organizations, known as Raleigh Arts Partners, based on the recommendations of the Raleigh Arts Commission.

Universal Access and the Arts

Universal Access and the Arts creates initiatives to ensure equity, access, and inclusion in all culture programming. Additionally, the Arts Commission and United Arts Council have partnered to offer arts and cultural organizations the opportunity to join the Arts Learning Community for Universal Access. 




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