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Citizen-Initiated Projects Percent for Art Special Projects

Raleigh Arts supports and coordinates public art through Citizen-Initiated Projects, the Percent for Art Program, and special and temporary public art projects. Additionally, the Public Art and Design Board supports public art by developing policy, reviewing projects, advising artists and project managers, and steers the community engagement of public art. The Public Art Program is guided by the Public Art Policy.

Citizen-Initiated Projects

Artists, neighborhoods, organizations, schools, museums and students with an idea for an art project that betters the community can bring their project to the public. Citizen-Initiated Projects are designed to bring community-led temporary or permanent public art projects to the City of Raleigh.

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Percent for Art

The Percent for Art program allocates one percent of municipal construction funds for public art funding. The Public Art and Design Board oversees this program.

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Special Projects

In addition to the permanent public art programs, Raleigh Arts supports a variety of community public art special and temporary projects in collaboration with events, other departments, and community partners.

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