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Sertoma Arts Center is in the heart of Shelley Lake Park. It serves as a vibrant, creative destination for all ages. Sertoma is home to three exhibit spaces. These change every other month and exhibit work by local artists. Sertoma offers programming in a wide range of visual and performing arts mediums. Programs range from painting and drawing to ceramics, metalworking, printmaking, glass, and sewing. After completing a qualifying program at Sertoma, students can buy a membership. Memberships offer students access to Sertoma’s ceramic, metalworking, or painting studio. 

Artists of all ages, levels, and ability are welcome to join the artistic community at Sertoma. Sertoma is working to make the arts accessible to people with disabilities.

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Sertoma Arts Center

Julia Meder

Joeli Franks
Assistant Director

Darby Allison
Rental and Administrative Coordinator


Sertoma Arts Center
1400 Millbrook Road
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Inclusivity in Our Facilities

The City of Raleigh and Sertoma Arts Center is committed to equal rights and the fair treatment of all residents, workers, and visitors. We aim to foster an inclusive environment where people of all backgrounds feel respected.

Sertoma Arts Center is equipped with a parking lot featuring six accessible spaces. The lower level, including the pottery and jewelry studio, can be accessed through the back entrance. There are three parking spaces, including one accessible space behind our building. To learn about accessible accommodations, visit Specialized Recreation and Inclusion Services division.

Gallery Exhibitions

Viewing hours for exhibitions vary depending on class and rental schedules. Call ahead to guarantee access to our gallery spaces. 


9 a.m.–10 p.m.
9 a.m.–10 p.m.
9 a.m.–10 p.m.
9 a.m.–10 p.m.
9 a.m.–1 p.m.
10 a.m.–5 p.m.
12 p.m.–5 p.m.

Shelley Lake Trail Artwork

Mural of wildlife hand-painted on a sewer device outside.

Mural by local artist Sam Greene on the Shelley Lake trail near Sertoma. 

The Shelley Lake trail is one of the most heavily used trails in Raleigh. Thousands of visitors walk the lake loop each year. The park is a well-loved area for picnics, relaxation, wildlife viewing, photography, and general enjoyment of the lake. Raleigh Arts has been working with local artists to add artwork along the trail.

Learn more about the artwork featured at the park. 

Class & Supply Lists

Register now for art classes and programs on RecLink. You can also preview upcoming classes and programs in the Leisure Ledger.

Studios & Memberships

Raleigh residents and non-residents can take part in our studio programs by taking classes or by purchasing a studio membership that will allow them to work independently when classes are not in session.

Studio Membership

Participants are eligible to purchase a studio membership after they have completed a qualifying beginning-level class. If it has been over 5 years since you have held membership or taken a qualifying class, you must take a qualifying class again to be eligible. Studio memberships are available for:

  • Jewelry Studio
  • Painting Studio
  • Pottery Studio
Two women creating jewelry

Jewelry Studio

  • Two-room work studio
  • Acetylene torch
  • Enameling kilns
  • Equipment and special classes for etching and niobium
  • Hydraulic press, roll mill, and community hand tools for jewelry making and stone setting

For information about open studio times, view the Jewelry Studio Calendar, or call 919-996-2329.

Instructor and student in painting class at Sertoma Arts Center

Image by Keenan Hairston

Painting Studio

  • Large open space filled with windows and natural light
  • Balcony access perfect for Plein air painting
  • Tabletop and floor easels
  • Reference materials for in-house use
  • Models, stands, lighting, and still-life props are available

For information about open studio times, view the Painting Studio Calendar, or call 919-996-2329.

Man creating pottery piece during class at Sertoma Arts Center

Pottery Studio

  • Spacious work studio with more than a dozen wheels
  • Separate work areas for glazing, hand-building, and wheel throwing
  • Slab roller and extruder
  • Regular firing of electric kilns, with Cone 6 oxidation electric firing the primary method. A Cone 10 gas kiln is fired approximately once a month. Works are fired in seven to 14 days
  • On-site store with a selection of tools and clay for registered students and studio cardholders. All clay must be purchased from Sertoma. Glazes must be approved.
  • Glaze and two firings are included in the price for studio cardholders and students

For information about open studio times, view the Pottery Studio Calendar or call 919-996-2329.

Gallery Exhibitions

Sertoma Arts Center showcases emerging artists living and/or working in and around Wake County, along with special themed exhibits such as the Sertoma Student/Instructor/Patron exhibit and Sertoma's co-sponsored artist group exhibits. 

To view information about Artist Calls for exhibition at a City of Raleigh Arts Center, visit the Artist Calls webpage

Gallery Spaces

  • Raleigh Room | The Raleigh Room gallery is our largest exhibit space, located in a multipurpose room on the main floor. Viewing hours of exhibitions may vary depending on class and rental schedules. Call ahead to guarantee access to our gallery spaces.  
  • Hallway Space | The Hallway gallery is located on the main floor and runs through the center of the facility.
  • Display Cases | Three glass display cases featuring small works are located in the main floor lobby. 
Mixed Media Artwork displayed on the Walls of the Raleigh Room

Current Gallery Exhibitions

Beginning on July 2, the Sertoma Arts Center will exhibit work by Ashley Bonner, Maria LeFrancois, Troy Brown, and Trudy Thomson. 

Learn more about the upcoming July-August Exhibition at the Sertoma Arts Center

Facility Rentals

Sertoma Arts Center Gallery Rental Space

Sertoma Arts Center has several spaces available to reserve for your next event. Learn more and request a rental

If you have questions, please contact Darby Allison at darby.allison@raleighnc.gov or 919-996-2329.