concrete wall under bridge on Crabtree Creek greenway off of Glenwood Avenue

Floodplain Creative Education Installation

A Public Art Project by Raleigh Arts in Partnership With Stormwater

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Public Input and Upcoming Meetings

Floodplain Creative Educational Installation PublicInput Project Page

Art and design team A Gang of Three is gathering inspiration and learning about Crabtree Creek and the importance of floodplains. Visit the PublicInput project page to view community comments, find out about upcoming stakeholder meetings, and to share input and stories. Virtual community meetings are held using Zoom, a free video-conferencing software.


Project Details

The creative educational display or artwork structure may be stand-alone or integrated into the site. Potential opportunities include data-responsive installation or LED display in the greenway tunnel or a stand-alone sculpture/display near the creek. The design will ideally include a virtual component that residents can access online. The artwork will be situated next to a well-loved greenway and should take into account interaction on a pedestrian scale. 

The artwork will incorporate a visual representation of water levels, with an emphasis on both current and historic data. The goal is to show how water levels naturally rise during major storms and hurricanes. Topics to explore include historic flood levels, why water levels rise in a stream during flooding events, and the natural benefits of creek flooding.

What is a Floodplain?

Floodplains are an important part of the creek system. They help improve the quality of Raleigh’s waterways by cleaning and storing stormwater runoff. Floodplains also provide a place for rainwater to flow when streams cannot handle any more water. This can cause flooding in areas near Crabtree Creek. Flooding also happens when heavy rainfall overwhelms stormwater pipes near the creek. This can cause the infrastructure to fail affecting roads, properties, and the stormwater system as a whole.



Estimated installation in Summer 2021


Artist Biography

Headshots of members of the artist/designer group "A Gang of Three"

A Gang of Three 

A Gang of Three is a team of artists and designers focused on creating dynamic, educational interventions that reveal the living history of sites in tangible, meaningful ways. Lincoln Hancock is a Raleigh-based installation artist and graphic designer. William Dodge is a Raleigh-based designer and researcher with strengths in exhibit design, architecture, planning and urban design. Will Belcher is an internationally award-winning Philadelphia-based landscape architect, urban designer and place-maker. Together, they work to illuminate the human dimension of experience and the power of public space, bringing new meaning into the urban landscape.




Kelly McChesney
Public Art Director

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