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Bus Stop Improvements

 Did you know that GoRaleigh bus has over 1,400 bus stops?! In November 2016, Wake County voters approved a transit-dedicated half-cent sales tax to expand transit services and better connect the public transit network throughout Wake County. The City of Raleigh receives some of this funding for GoRaleigh bus stop improvements. 

Bus stops are selected for improvements based off the criteria in the Bus Stop Improvement Policy. The criteria includes things like: 

  • Ridership 
  • Proximity to affordable housing 
  • Proximity to medical services 
  • Proximity to community service facilities serving seniors or persons with disabilities 

We are continually working to improve the way you wait at our bus stops. You can find the full map of improvements online (it's a lot!). We've pulled together the list of the most recent improvements below. We'll update this list quarterly so be sure to check back. 

Stop 8881 – State at Bragg 

Stop 8416 – S Saunders at Illeagnes St 

Stop 8226 – Garner Station at Carlie C’s 

Stop 9160 – Garner Rd OB at Bailey Drive 

Stop 8329 – Garner Road OB at Meadowbrook Drive 

Stop 8334 – Garner Road OB at Willow Vista Road 

Stop 8397 – Garner Road IB at Vandora Springs Road 

Stop 1920 – Timber Drive OB at Aversboro Road 

Stop 1918 – Timber Drive OB at Benson Road 

Stop 8382 – Jones Sausage Road IB at Partlo Street 

Stop 8394 – Garner Road IB at North Garner Dog Park (Garner Senior Center) 

Stop 8395 – Garner Road IB at Garner Performing Arts Center (GPAC) 

Stop 8010 – Wake Forest Road OB at Sasser Street (Salvation Army) 

Stop 9442 – Wake Forest Road IB at Mimosa Street 

Stop 8822 – S. Wilmington Street Center 

Stop 8926 – MLK Jr. Blvd at S. Haywood Street 

Stop 9609 – MLK Jr. Blvd IB at Rock Quarry Rd 

Stop 8675 – MLK Jr. Blvd OB at Rock Quarry Rd 

Stop 9322 – Western Blvd at Jones Franklin Rd 

Stop 8911 – Rock Quarry Rd (SB) at Cross Link Rd 

Stop 8315 – Rock Quarry Rd (NB) at Cross Link Rd 

Stop 8897 – Rock Quarry Rd (SB) at MLK Jr. Blvd 

Stop 8036 – Capital Blvd (SB) at Millbrook Rd 

Stop 8026 – Capital Blvd (NB) at Millbrook Rd 



Melanie Rausch 
Senior Transit Planner 


Lead Department:
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Public Transportation

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