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Equity Review and Reform of Sidewalk Petition Program

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Background Equity Analysis Your Input!

As part of our Strategic Plan, one initiative (Transportation & Transit Initiative 5.1)  is to improve our transportation services and programs to enhance equitable outcomes for all. The City is currently evaluating the existing structure of the Sidewalk Petition Program through this initiative. This review is following the guidance in the Raleigh Racial Equity Action Plan and will culminate in a staff recommendation to Council for a reform to the existing program that will result in a more equitable and accessible program to deliver sidewalks to local streets across the City. 


The City currently uses two distinct processes to identify needs for new sidewalks and prioritize funding for those needs:  

Equity Analysis

City staff reviewed the program results over the last 10 years to identify whether petitions are generally being received in the areas where sidewalks are missing on local streets. The findings indicate that petitions are not distributed equally in all areas of need. To ensure that sidewalk delivery in all neighborhoods is equitably delivered, the following key findings indicate that reform of the program is needed: 

  • Petitions are underrepresented in the most vulnerable areas and overrepresented in the most prosperous areas.
  • Petitions are underrepresented in areas where a greater proportion of the population identifies as black.
  • Petitions are overrepresented in areas with a larger proportion of white, non-hispanic population. 

The full report documenting the findings of the equity analysis is available for download here. 

Your Input!

Staff are currently preparing to talk to the community to better understand the equity analysis findings. We’ll be out in the community talking to residents in the month of August as we prepare for workshops about sidewalks in the fall. As outreach is scheduled, we’ll update the time and locations on this page. 

Do you want to join us for a workshop to help shape a new neighborhood sidewalk program or do you have a general comment on this initiative or the sidewalk petition program? We want to hear from you!  Please email Anne Conlon or LaTesha Holmes.

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