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Get Out and Walk Raleigh Improving Walkability City-Initiated Sidewalk Projects Want a Sidewalk? Sidewalk Petition Projects Adopted Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan

In 2020, the Walk Friendly Communities program (WFC) awarded Raleigh with its Silver-level Walk Friendly accreditation due to the City’s work in prioritizing pedestrians and creating safer, comfortable and inviting places to walk.

Get Out and Walk Raleigh

Get out and walk Raleigh! There are many ways to enjoy walking in Raleigh:

Improving Walkability

WalkRaleigh offers ways to improve walkability via:

City-Initiated Sidewalk Projects

The City initiates sidewalk projects to fix gaps discovered by other City departments, schools, transit providers and citizens.

Want a Sidewalk?

You can ask for sidewalk construction to complete portions of sidewalk at no cost to the property owners.

Here's how to petition the City for a sidewalk:

Sidewalk Petition Projects

New sidewalk projects on local residential streets are typically handled through a petition process by the residents along the street. The petition program for a new sidewalk requires signatures from a majority of the property owners along the street that make up the majority of the property frontage.

Learn More about Sidewalk Petition Projects

Adopted Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan

The Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan was adopted by City Council on January 2, 2013. The plan provides strategies for enhancing Raleigh's transportation system to promote walkability throughout the City. The plan assesses the existing facilities, policies, plans, and programs that affect pedestrian mobility and provides recommendations for improvements. The plan includes templates for pedestrian infrastructure improvements, examples of tools and techniques for improving walkability, and a prioritized list of over 200 proposed sidewalk projects throughout the City.

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction & Plan Goals

Chapter 2 - Existing Conditions

Chapter 3 - Best Practices, Design Standards, & Sidewalk Program

Chapter 4 - Pedestrian Facility Recommendations

Chapter 5 - Programs and Initiatives for Walkable Raleigh

Chapter 6 - Summary of Recommendations

Chapter 7 - Implementing the Plan

Chapter 8 - Longer Term Vision




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