A yellow sign that warns people that a road is flooded

Stormwater Smart Goals

Goals Focus
Level of Service
  • Work with a variety of community organizations and members who have a diverse background and perspective on stormwater issues. 
  • Update watershed planning so it is more holistic. Our staff is working to address multiple stormwater needs instead of working on one project at a time.
  • Make sure that the services we provide meet community needs. 
Improving our Stormwater Program
  • Expand our flood monitoring network. We're looking closely at how rainstorms move throughout the city and how that's impacting flooding in the area. 
  • Be more efficient by improving how we work and the tools we use to manage the stormwater system
  • Fix infrastructure before it fails to save money and keep people safe. 
  • Use innovative practices and technologies to improve safety warnings when there is flooding. 
Good Use of Resources
  • Leverage new work environments to be more productive and improve work-life balance so that staff continues to provide good customer service. 
  • Encourage regulation changes that help keep new development out of floodprone areas.
  • Explore a variety of funding sources to complete more projects in a shorter timeframe. 
Collaborate with Others
  • Work closely with other City of Raleigh departments to deliver integrated services and projects.
  • Do stream restorations with sewer and greenway protection projects. 
  • Bring more innovative green stormwater infrastructure to the city to reduce water pollution. 
Meet or Exceed Regulatory Requirements
  • Use better control measures and design standards to reduce stormwater impacts that occur when we build in Raleigh.  
  • Be more proactive with stormwater maintenance to save on cost and make the system more reliable.  
  • Lower water levels automatically from the office at more lakes across the city. This allows us to work more efficiently and safely. We also can more proactively protect people from downstream flooding.  
Build Community Trust
  • Make sure the community is more informed and prepared for heavy rainfall and storms. 
  • Improve relationships with community groups.