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Storm Tracking Is it Flooding? Frequency of Flooding Monitoring Tools Video: Tracking Flooding in Raleigh

Storm Tracking

We track rainfall and stream levels when the forecast calls for heavy rain. This includes monitoring different locations along Walnut Creek and Crabtree Creek. We identify flooding conditions during a storm.

This helps first responders close roads. And put other safety precautions in place, too.

Is it Flooding?

Use this map to see where it's flooding in Raleigh. The icons will change color when water is close to or flooding an area. 

View the map in a web browser

Frequency of Flooding

Use this map to see where flooding typically occurs in Raleigh. The map shows areas in the floodplain and roads that are likely to flood. If you type in your address you can see how close you are to these locations. 

You can also zoom in to see where we monitor flooding with cameras and signs. 

View the map in a web browser

Video: Tracking Flooding in Raleigh

Tracking Flooding in Raleigh

Get an inside look at how our flood monitoring system works – We use gauges to track stream levels, cameras to monitor road flooding, and signs to notify resident when water reaches the road.



Scott Bryant, PE
Stormwater Administrator - Planning & Business Operations

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Engineering Services
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