Payment Plans for Unpaid Utility Bills

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Qualifications Request a Payment Plan Defaulting on a Utility Payment Plan Special Extension Periods Don't wait until services are disconnected!

Need more time to pay your City of Raleigh utility bill?

As a courtesy to customers with unpaid utility bills, the City of Raleigh may grant a payment plan to qualified accounts.


  • Customer may be required to make a partial payment on the account prior to establishing a payment plan.
  • All past due charges, including those associated with a payment plan, will be subject to late payment charges.
  • In addition to keeping payment plan installments current, all new and future charges must also be paid on time, including late fees.
  • Payment plans must be requested prior to disconnection of service.  If service is disconnected, or if a disconnection notice tag has been left at the premise, the account DOES NOT QUALIFY for a payment plan.

Request a Payment Plan

Customers can request one of the following types of payment plans by contacting a Customer Service Representative by email or by calling 919-996-3245.

  • Extend the original due date
  • Set up multiple payment installments
  • Special extension - Related to Leaks
  • Special extension - Back Billing

When the payment plan has been established the Customer Service Representative will confirm each payment amount due and each due date with the customer.  A payment plan confirmation notice will also be mailed to the customer's billing address.

Defaulting on a Utility Payment Plan

Any of the following constitutes "Default":

  • Failure to pay a payment plan installment on or before the installment due date
  • Payment amount is less than the agreed-upon payment installment
  • Failure to pay the full amount of new/future charges (not associated to the payment plan) on or before the due date

Consequences of default:

  • No further payment plans will be established during the next twelve (12) months
  • Collection processes will begin immediately on any past due amount. This can include disconnection of utility services, referral to a collection agency and/or referral to the North Carolina Debt Setoff Program.

For your reference, the City's ordinances regarding disconnection of service for non-payment can be found at The Code of the City of Raleigh.

Special Extension Periods

There are two (2) situations where payment plans may be established with special extension periods:

  • Leak Not Eligible for Adjustment - When a leak on a property does not fall within the City's policy for a leak adjustment, a payment plan may be allowed for up to six (6) months.
  • Back Billing - An account that requires back billing for up to three years may have a payment plan established for an equal amount of time as the back billing period.

Don't wait until services are disconnected!

If the account has already been disconnected due to non-payment, or if a trip has been made to the premise to turn service off and/or to hang a disconnect notification tag, full payment must be received before utility services can be reinstated.

A payment plan will NOT be established after the disconnection process has begun.

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