Children jumping into Millbrook Exchange pool for swimming programs

Swimming programs at Millbrook Exchange Pool

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Pools and Hours Admission Fees and Passes Swim Lessons Exercise and Lap Swim Adaptive Aquatics Intra-City Swim Team Financial Assistance Lifeguards

The City of Raleigh has eight pools and aquatic centers throughout the City where you can enjoy splashing around, exercise, learn to swim or relax pool side.

Pools and Hours

People swimming, splashing and playing at indoor Millbrook Exchange Pool

People swimming, splashing and playing at Millbrook Exchange Pool. 

You can enjoy our pools and aquatics year round at one of our indoor facilities or during the summer at one of our outdoor pools. 

How to Find a Pool

  1. View All: See all eight pools and aquatics centers with photos and addresses at a glance.  
  2. Search by your address: Use our interactive park locator tool to find pool nearest you when you enter "swimming" under amenities.
  3. By type: Year round pool vs. summer pools are listed in table.  

Year Round Pools

 Pool Name  Address   Hours  More Info
Buffaloe Road Aquatic Center  5908 Buffaloe Rd (27616)
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Hours of Operation
Phone: 919-996-5600
Facility Description
Millbrook Exchange Pool 1905 Spring Forest Rd (27615)
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Hours of Operation
 Phone: 919-996-4130
Facility Description
Optimist Pool 5902 Whittier Dr (27609)
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Hours of Operation
Phone: 919-996-2790
Facility Description
Pullen Aquatic Center 410 Ashe Ave (27606)
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Hours of Operation
Phone: 919-996-6197
Facility Description

Summer Pools

Pool Address Hours More Information 
Biltmore Pool 701 Crown Crossing Ln (27610)
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Hours of Operation
Phone: 919-831-6736
Facility Description
Lake Johnson Pool 5863 Jaguar Park Dr. (27606)
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Hours of Operation
Facility Description
Longview Pool 321 Bertie Dr (27610)
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Hours of Operation
Phone: 919-831-6343
Facility Description
Ridge Road Pool 1709 Ridge Rd (27607)
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Hours of Operation
Phone: 919-420-2322 
Facility Description

Admission Fees and Passes

Residents and non-residents must pay an admission fee to visit a City of Raleigh pool or aquatics center. 

Where to pay for daily admission: Pay daily admission fees and Punch Passes (15 admissions) at the front desk of one of our pools / aquatic centers.

Where to buy multi-day Passes: Buy monthly and annual passes at any of the year-round pools (Optimist, Millbrook, Pullen, and Buffaloe Road Aquatic Center).

Payment methods: Credit cards, cash, or checks. 

Daily Admission Fees

Pool(s) Ages 1-12  Ages 13-54  Ages 55+
Pullen, Optimist, Millbrook & Seasonal Pools  $2 / resident

$3 / non-resident 
$5 / resident

$8 / non-resident 
$4 / resident

$6 / non-resident 
Buffaloe Road Aquatic Center $4 / resident

$7 / non-resident 
$8 / resident

$15 / non-resident 

$6 / resident

$11 / non-resident

Multi-Day and Annual Passes

Type of Pass  Ages 1-12  Ages 13-54  Ages 55+ 
15-Admission Punch Pass

(Expires 2 years from the date of purchase.

Good for 15 entries.)

$24 / resident 

$36 / non-resident 

$60 / resident

$96 / non-resident 

$48 / resident

$72 / non-resident 
Monthly Pass

(valid one month to date) - valid at all facilities) 
$18 / resident

$27 / non-resident 

$45 / resident

$72 / non-resident

$36 / resident

$54 / non-resident
Annual Pass

(valid one year to date) - valid at all facilities
$120 / resident

$180 / non-resident 
$300 / resident

$480 / non-resident 
$240 / resident

$360 / non-resident 

Note: Children 12 years or younger must be accompanied by a paying adult age 16 or older. Monthly and annual passes are purchased at any of the year-round pools - Optimist, Millbrook, Pullen, and Buffaloe Road Aquatic Center.

Swim Lessons

An instructor giving a little kid swim lessons and using a kick board

Raleigh Aquatics is committed to providing quality Learn to Swim programs. Sessions will be scheduled pending instructor availability to ensure a safe, enjoyable swim lesson experience. Any additional sessions will open for registration on Mondays at 9 a.m. Please visit RecLink to view available sessions and to register. 

You can learn to swim with group classes or request a private lesson. You'll find information about how to sign up in the table below. 

Class Type  Description  How to Sign Up 
Group Class  Raleigh Aquatics offers beginner to advanced American Red Cross swimming lessons for adults (14 years and older) and youths starting at 6 months. You can find and register for upcoming swim classes online by using Reclink.
Private Lessons  Private swim lessons and stroke development are offered at Buffaloe Road, Millbrook, Optimist, and Pullen Aquatic Center. Private lessons are offered at times when group lessons are not being conducted and based on instructor availability.

To request private lessons:

Non-City Lessons

The City of Raleigh does not allow individuals or groups to conduct private instruction at any City-owned swimming facilities.

Exercise and Lap Swim

At our Raleigh pools and aquatics centers you can sign up for a water exercise class or do laps during scheduled swim lane hours. 

Two adult women participating in an aerobic exercise water class

Water Exercise Classes

We offer classes to help you build strength and cardiovascular endurance like pool Pilates, hydrofusion, and water walking. You can purchase either a single-class or a multi-class pass. 

Learn More about the Raleigh Aquatics Water Exercise Program.

Man swimming in lap lane with arm outstretched

Lap Swimming

Lap lanes are available on a first-come, first-service basis at our City pools. Swim lane hours vary by location.

Call each site for more information.

Site   Call for Lap Lane Availability  
Buffaloe Road Aquatic Center  919-996-5600
Millbrook Exchange Pool 919-996-4130
Optimist Pool 919-996-2790
Pullen Aquatic Center 919-996-6197

Make sure to follow Lap Swimming Rules and Etiquette

Adaptive Aquatics

The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department welcomes the participation of all individuals, including those with disabilities or special needs. We are committed to compliance with the ADA and will provide reasonable accommodations to facilitate participation in our programs. 

For more information, see our Adaptive Aquatics page.


Raleigh residents and non-residents are welcome to register for a group swim lesson or other aquatics programs. Fees vary by program.  Make sure to browse RecLink to view the catalog.

You can register: online via RecLink, walk in to any of our pools or aquatics centers or mail it in to Raleigh Aquatics, 2401 Wade Ave., Raleigh NC 27607. 

Note: Registration for Water Exercise Classes is not available online.

  • Waitlist Policy: Many of our programs fill up quickly. After making course selections, we encourage you to submit your registration. Once a course is full, we begin a waiting list and process registrations as space becomes available. If you are placed on a waiting list for a course, you will receive notification from staff prior to the start of the course as to the status of your request. No payment is taken for placement on a waiting list.

Intra-City Swim Team

A bunch of kids swimming laps

The program's goal is to provide an opportunity to experience competitive swimming in a fun, enjoyable, and relaxed environment. Prerequisite - participants must be able to swim 25 yards unassisted. Find out more about the age requirements, costs, and schedules on our Intra-City Swim Team page.

Financial Assistance

The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department strives to provide programs to all. Thanks to generous donations and support, we are able to provide financial assistance to those in need. Financial assistance is provided on a sliding scale based on income and other financial circumstances. All patrons who wish to register for programs provided by the City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department are eligible to apply. Please note that financial assistance is not available for specialty camps, organizations, adult teams, special events, or rentals. For more information on eligibility or to request the financial assistance application, please call 919-996-4839 or email


A lifeguard sitting on her stand during the summer

We are currently seeking lifeguards to staff our pools and aquatic facilities. Lifeguards are currently being hired at $13 per hour, and the City of Raleigh will provide Lifeguard Training for candidates that do not hold a Lifeguarding Certification.

For more information, see the Lifeguards page.



Aquatic Administrative Office
2401 Wade Avenue, Raleigh 27607

Aaron Weaver
Aquatic Program & Facilities Director


Lead Department:
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources