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Pollinator Protection Projects

How the City of Oaks cares for its pollinating species

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Raleigh is a BeeCity USA City of Raleigh Pollinator Projects

Pollinators and pollinator habitats help sustain our food system and our ecosystem. One out of every three bites of food we eat is made possible by pollinators like bees, birds, and butterflies. Protecting pollinator species and habitat is essential to a sustainable food system and to addressing climate change.

Pollinators also protect our natural plant and animal life and support overall ecosystem health. The city supports pollinator habitats through grants and community partnerships. We are committed to raising awareness of bees and other pollinators' essential role in the complex food web and providing safe habitats for these vital species.

Love Our Pollinators!

Learn more about how Raleigh is taking climate action to support pollinator habitats.

Raleigh is a BeeCity USA

Since June 2017, Raleigh has been an official member of Bee City USA  and is one of more than 260 affiliates in 44 states across the nation to officially become a Bee City USA. This is a joint effort between the city and community partners to continue to educate the public and provide support for pollinators and habitats in Raleigh, Raleigh has committed to creating sustainable habitats for pollinators, working with community partners and providing support for pollinator projects around the city.  

City of Raleigh Pollinator Projects

Many City of Raleigh departments support pollinators through programs, habitat installation and events.  

The City also provides pollinator habitat at key city sites. Visit them today, but keep a respectful distance from our busy bees (and other pollinators)!

Each June we celebrate Pollinator Week

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