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Artist Call for Sertoma Arts Center Public Art

Raleigh Arts seeks an artist to create public art at the center

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Project Summary

  • Create Public Artwork at Sertoma Arts Center as part of the upcoming renovation and expansion of the existing center. This project is part of the 2022 Parks Bond. 
  • Artwork can be integrated into the renovation of the community studio building or incorporated into the site. 
  • $73,000 budget to design and fabricate. Additional funds are held for engagement and accessibility. 
  • Up to three semi-finalists will be selected to interview and paid a $100 honorarium. 
  • Deadline to apply: July 30, 2024 
  • Submit application online


$73,000 budget inclusive of design, artwork fabrication, community presentations, installation, site work, engineering, taxes, travel, and fees. (The typical artist/design fee for public art projects ranges from 10 to 20 percent of the project budget, with the remainder of the funds used towards fabrication, installation and engineering.)

Raleigh Arts will hold separate funding to cover community engagement expenses and accessibility accommodations for the project. The arts office will administer these funds and can cover things like public meetings, creative input gathering events, working with local community historians, and hiring local artists to help with outreach. The Artist will work with Raleigh Arts to create an engagement plan.

Instructor standing at an easel holding a drawing with students looking on

Painting Studio at Sertoma Arts Center - Photography by Keenan Hariston


  • This opportunity is open to individuals and teams who live or work in the United States. 
  • Applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States and have unexpired documents that establish employment eligibility.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Applicants must have at least a three-year history of professional practice.
  • Applicants must have demonstrated experience in design through the creation of high-quality work.
  • Lead applicant cannot be enrolled in an undergraduate course of study in the visual arts as of January 1, 2024.
  • Lead Artists who have received a commission or purchase for over $75,000 from the City of Raleigh cannot be considered for another commission or purchase over $75,000 for three years after the date of a signed contract or letter of agreement. Artists affected by this rule can still apply as a member of an artist team, during the three-year time frame, as long as they are not applying as lead artist. This rule does not apply to artist invitations, only to open artist calls.

Project Overview

Sertoma Arts Center has served as a hub of creativity and community arts education in Raleigh since 1979. One of two City facilities dedicated to visual arts, it is a vibrant, creative destination for artists of all ages, levels, and abilities. 

Sertoma has five studios with professional art making equipment to support a wide range of visual, craft, and performing arts mediums including painting, drawing, ceramics, metalworking, printmaking, glass, and sewing. The Center offers year-round classes, workshops and open studios as well providing exhibition space for local artists. After completing a qualifying program at Sertoma, many artists continue working in Sertoma’s ceramic, metalworking, or painting studios as studio members or in artist groups. Sertoma is working to make the arts accessible to people with disabilities, offering accommodations and programs to ensure all artists can participate. The large Raleigh Room is Sertoma’s movement and performing arts programming including dance, yoga, and music. 

Sertoma Arts Center is located in the heart of Shelley Lake Park, a 144-acre park in mid-town Raleigh, an area of town that is growing rapidly. The park features a two-mile paved scenic greenway trail around 53-acre Shelley Lake and trails leading to scenic overlooks, green spaces, and a playground. The Arts Center was built into the park’s wooded area to take advantage of the beautiful natural setting. 

The renovation and expansion of Sertoma Arts Center is funded by the 2022 City of Raleigh Parks Bond. Improvements will include renovation of the existing art center building, upgrades to building and site accessibility, and a building expansion to add additional studio and gallery space. 

The project timeline for planning, design, and construction of these improvements runs from 2024-2028.

Shelley Lake  with a grassy area and vegetation at the shore and 6 geese flying over the water

Public Art Goals and Opportunities

  • Artwork can be stand alone or integrated into the buildings and site. 
  • Selected artist will have the opportunity to work with the architectural and design teams to integrate artwork into the renovation. 
  • Work with community to define storytelling and aesthetic goals for the artwork.
  • Celebrate the community studios and local artists.

Selection Criteria and Process

Applications submitted in response to this RFQ will be reviewed by the City of Raleigh Public Art Director, who will then forward all complete and eligible applications received by the deadline to the Artist Selection Panel. The Panel may include a member of the City of Raleigh Arts Commission, community artists, arts professionals, design professionals, and other stakeholders. 

The Artist Selection Panel will evaluate the qualifications of artists based on four criteria: artistic merit; appropriateness for the project; community engagement; and social/cultural relevance of work.

Project Timeline

RFQ Application Deadline July 30, 2024
Semi-Finalists Selected and Notified August 2024
Semi-Finalists Interviews August 2024
Project Awarded August 2024

How to Apply

Apply Online

Those wishing to be considered must submit the following materials:

1. Statement of Interest
A statement, outlining your interest in this residency and your experience working on public art projects, or relevant art experience. You can submit this as:

  • A written statement of 500 words or less
  • Or a two minute or less audio or video clip. Due to time limitations, the panel will only review the first two minutes.

2. Community Engagement
Briefly describe your community engagement experience and philosophy. 

3. Biography
A biography of no more than one page that includes information regarding your practice, experience, and education. If applying as a team, submit a single file containing separate biographies for each team member. 

4. Three Professional References
Contact information for three references should be submitted, including name, title and affiliation, phone number, and email address. References should be able to speak to your ability to provide services for a public art project or artwork of a similar scope.

5. Previous Work, Digital Images
Eight digital images of recent previous work (created within the past ten years). Each image should include: image number, artist’s name, title, year, media, location, project budget, dimensions, commissioning agency, and collaborators or design professionals (if applicable).

Our jurors are not always familiar with public art pricing and scale. Please submit projects of similar scope/size to help our jurors understand what type of artwork you would plan to create at this budget. With that in mind, if you typically create larger projects, please only submit the types of projects you would create at this budget level. However, if you are newer to public art and have so far created smaller projects, we would still love to have you apply. If your work is on the smaller side, please try to have 2 to 3 of the portfolio submissions be within range of the budget.

Submission and Deadline

All RFQ materials must be received no later than July 30, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Incomplete or late submittals will not be considered. 

Non Discrimination Policy

The policy of the City of Raleigh is, and shall be, to oppose any discrimination based on actual or perceived age, mental or physical disability, sex, religion, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, familial or marital status, economic status, veteran status or national origin in any aspect of modern life. The City of Raleigh Arts Commission strives for a diverse representation of voices, life experiences, views, and interests to reflect the collaborative community we have and wish to serve.

Additional Information

For questions, contact Jenn Hales, Public Art Coordinator for Raleigh Arts,  

For relevant information regarding the project, visit the Raleigh Arts website.

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