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Program Details

SEEK Raleigh is an annual series of site-specific art installations and performance art events that engage the community through public art. SEEK 2020 features local artists creating temporary installations and performance pieces in the City of Raleigh Parks, greenways, and/or community. SEEK 2020 projects connect visitors to the site, park landscape, community, and/or history of the neighborhood. All works are free to the public.

Temporary installations and performance pieces will take place in the City of Raleigh Parks, greenways, and/or community spaces in the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2020. Projects are listed below.

2020 Projects

Hidden Rock #1

An installation by Scott Hazard called Hidden Rock #1, outside of Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve Park

Hidden Rock #1 is a site-specific sculpture installation located at the Visitor’s Center in Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve Park.

Learn more about Hidden Rock #1

200 Days In

graphic for 200 Days In a digital autobiography by Johannah Edwards

In this digital time capsule of her thoughts, work, family, and life from 200 days in quarantine, Johannah counts her days, her blessings, and her son's Happy Meal toys.

Learn more about 200 Days In

The Trees' Macbeth

A painting resembling trees by Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson

The Trees' Macbeth is a computer-assisted adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth play. It is performed by a circle of trees near Sertoma Arts Center.

Learn more about and interact with The Trees' Macbeth

Pieces of Grief

A drawing of multiple circles, with the words Pieces of Grief in the middle

Pieces of Grief is a sonic meditation on grief and loss, it integrates field recordings, anonymous voicemails, archival interviews, and original music.

Learn more about Pieces of Grief

Hen Institute

Brown chickens with the words Hen Institute

Hen Institute invites artists and community members to use hens as a curatorial framework to create artistic, community-based, and educational programs.

Learn more about Hen Institute

VITAL Health

person holding a silver, gold, and purple mylar flower

VITAL Health is an interdisciplinary interactive art project that helps address mental health in communities throughout North Carolina using performances, installations, and workshops.
Image by Alex Maness

Learn more about VITAL Health and their online interactive art sessions

The Outer-Space Oracles

A person covered in silver, shiny material wearing a large spherical silver helmet posing with their arms open towards the camera.

Do you need celestial advice? During July, artist Julia Caston and her bilingual Spanish-English Oracles from outer-space will be available to give advice and listen to your secrets using Zoom.

Learn more about The Outer-Space Oracles


A photo of Ruby Jackson with the words #TheBounceBackRDU

#TheBounceBackRDU features eight African Americans sharing stories about a time they fell down but didn’t stay down - they bounced back. The pre-recorded stories were streamed live on YouTube and Facebook and include a post-show Q&A with the storytellers.

Watch the pre-recorded stories of #TheBounceBackRDU

Four Heads For Bragg Street

Public artwork of abstract orange shapes attached to a chain link fence by Jerstin Crosby

Four Heads For Bragg Street is a site-specific installation along the chain-link fence at Bragg Street Park facing Person Street.

Learn more about Four Heads For Bragg Street

Tiny Art Scavenger Hunt 3000

A tiny segmented banana art piece by Graymon Ward in Fred Fletcher Park

The "Tiny Art Scavenger Challenge 3000" installation included six tiny artworks scattered throughout Fred Fletcher Park, each one with a clue to lead to the next tiny art piece.

Learn more about the Tiny Art Scavenger Hunt 3000




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