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"VITAL Health", Michael S.Williams and Stacey L. Kirby, performance for SEEK Raleigh, 2020. Photo by Caroline Cockrell.

Artist Call: SEEK Raleigh

An ongoing artist call for experimental public art projects supported by Raleigh Arts

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Project Overview


  • SEEK Raleigh is an experimental public art program by Raleigh Arts. Projects should engage with the community in City of Raleigh parks, greenways, and/or community spaces. 
  • Propose a public art project that you would like to create. Artists may submit up to (4) four proposals per year.
  • The city will provide space and funding.
  • Project budget can range from $1,000 to $10,000.
  • Spring 2024 Artist Selection results will be announced soon.
  • The next application round will be in Spring 2025. Check back for details. 


  1. This opportunity is open to individuals and teams who live or work in North Carolina.
  2. Applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States and have unexpired documents that establish employment eligibility.
  3. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  4. Applicants must have at least a three-year history of professional practice. (Students without a three-year history can apply with a Faculty sponsor as the team lead)
  5. Applicants must have demonstrated experience in design through the creation of high-quality work.

Project Details

SEEK Raleigh is an opportunity for artists to introduce the public to new, unusual, and thought-provoking experiences through temporary public art. Artists are encouraged to explore site-specific installations and performances as a natural extension of their creative practices in parks, greenways and other community spaces.

The city of Raleigh contains more than 200 parks including art centers, athletic facilities, community centers, lakes, nature preserves, dog parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, historic sites, and open spaces. We encourage you to explore the various parks and choose a site(s) that resonates with your artwork and artistic practice.

Public Art Goals and Opportunities

  • Consider both the landscape and context of the park(s). There are many opportunities to use outdoor space. Some building facades and indoor facilities may be available for approved works.
  • Consider the duration of your artwork and whether the performances and installations will occur during the daytime, nighttime, or both.
  • Consider how you would work to engage the community, attract visitors, or work with the community. This would be especially important for short term installations or performances where an immediate audience is desired.
  • While you do not have to choose a specific site in this submission, it may be helpful to note which locations have access to power and cover from rain. Please consider whether or not you will need access to power or if your project has other specific requirements. Raleigh Arts staff will work with artists to determine the final locations for the selected project.

Project Examples

Hidden Rock #1 is a site-specific sculpture installation by Scott Hazard located at the Visitor’s Center in Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve Park.

200 Days In is a digital time capsule of Johannah M. Edwards thoughts, work, family, and life from 200 days in quarantine. Edwards counts her days, her blessings, and her son's Happy Meal toys. 

The Trees' Macbeth was a computer-assisted adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth play by Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson. It was performed by a circle of trees near Sertoma Arts Center.

Pieces of Grief is a seven-segment audio project by Felix Obelix. As a sonic meditation on grief and loss, it integrates field recordings, anonymous voicemails, archival interviews, and original music. It is intended to be listened to in quiet contemplation.

Hen Institute, created by Adam Carlin, invites artists and community members to use hens as a curatorial framework to create artistic, community-based, and educational programs.

VITAL Health, created by Stacey L. Kirby and Michael S. Williams, is an interdisciplinary, interactive art project that helps address mental health in communities throughout North Carolina using performances, installations, and workshops. Photo by Alex Maness.

Outer-Space Oracles was a bilingual Spanish-English performance art project by Julia Caston. Using Zoom, participants could speak to alien oracles calling in from Outer-Space to receive advice about their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

#TheBounceBackRDU is a virtual storytelling event that was streamed live to commemorate the resilient spirit of African Americans and to celebrate Juneteenth.  Eight African Americans shared stories about a time they fell down but didn’t stay down - they bounced back.

Four Heads For Bragg Street, by Jerstin Crosby, was a site-specific installation along the chain-link fence at Bragg Street Park facing Person Street.

Tiny Art Scavenger Challenge 3000, by Graymon Ward, included six tiny artworks scattered throughout Fred Fletcher Park, each one with a clue to lead to the next tiny art piece.

Read the complete artist call document to learn about the timeline, selection process, and more.


The next round of applications will be in Spring 2025.


All submissions will be reviewed and considered. For the purpose of this Call for Artists, you will only need to select a budget tier for your project.

  • Tier 1: $1,000 - $2,499
  • Tier 2: $2,500 - $4,999
  • Tier 3: $5,000 - $10,000

Artists selected as semi-finalists will be asked to provide a detailed budget breakdown, including design, fabrication, installation, insurance, travel, taxes, and fees.

How to Apply

Those wishing to be considered must submit the following:

  1. Statement of Interest
    You can submit this information as either a brief 250-word (or less) statement outlining your project idea or a one-minute or less audio or video clip. We will only play the first minute of audio for the panel. Please note in your statement if your project is site-specific or if you are flexible on location and if your project will require certain elements (power source, indoor location, cover from rain, etc).
  2. Biography
    A biography of no more than one page that includes information regarding your practice, experience, and education. If applying as a team, submit a single file containing separate biographies for each team member.
  3. Previous Work, Digital Images
    Images: Four digital images of recent previous work (created within the past five years)

    Videos (for performers or video artists): Up to four videos of recent previous work (created within the past ten years) in any viewable format. Please provide video excerpts for videos longer than 2 minutes.
  4. Simple Estimated Budget - Tier
    Estimated budgets should be inclusive of all expenses including design, fabrication, installation, insurance, travel, taxes, and fees. Selected artists will need to have general liability insurance or event insurance (for short-term performances or installations) prior to installation, so please be sure to consider this in your proposed budget. Additionally, if your artwork or equipment will need to be insured, please include those fees in your budget, as the City of Raleigh does not insure temporary public art. If working with a team of artists, only the lead artist will need to have insurance.

    Only Semi-Finalists will be asked to provide a detailed budget breakdown as part of their second submission.


Please read the complete artist call document. Artists are encouraged to call for a quick consultation before applying. This is a chance to talk about your proposal, site location, and estimated expenses. You can reach Kelly McChesney, Public Art Director, at 919-996-5657 or kelly.mcchesney@raleighnc.gov.



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