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How to Submit History

The Citizen-Initiated Project process provides a framework and support for making public art projects come to life in Raleigh. If you have an idea for a public art project on City Property, please follow the steps below.

How to Submit

  1. Review the Citizen-Initiated Projects Policy.
  2. Plan how your project will be funded.
  3. Use iMAPS to ensure your project is located on City property.
  4. Submit a request form to Jenn Hales, Public Art Assistant.

Important Information

  • Plan on submitting your project several months in advance of its implementation. The approval process usually takes at least one to three months, excluding the time needed to secure any required permits, etc. prior to the project’s implementation.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate how your project is funded.
  • Some projects may require permits or encroachment agreements, Raleigh Arts will guide you through this process.
  • Projects on state property do not fall under City purview and are subject to state regulations and processes. Learn more about art in the right of way
  • Some projects may require a certificate of appropriateness if the site is located in a historic district. Learn more about historic districts.
  • Projects on private property do not require approval through this process.


On October 21, 2014, Raleigh City Council approved the process for the review and acceptance of citizen-initiated public art projects on City property or City rights-of-way. Developed by the Raleigh Arts Commission and the Public Art and Design Board, the process outlines steps that encourage the development of innovative creative art opportunities while also ensuring facilitation with affected City departments.



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