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Capture it! Stormwater Arts Contest

A Contest for 8th - 12th graders

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The Video

Show us how you'd reduce stormwater pollution and protect our streams and lakes. 


  • Proper disposal of pollutants that make streams dirty and unhealthy; and,
  • Using a rain garden to capture and clean stormwater before it enters a stream or lake.

The Artwork

Rain Barrel Art
Show the benefits of capturing and reusing rainwater.

Storm Drain Art
Show why only rain should go down storm drains.


General Video Artwork
No identifiable brands MP4 or MOV format Large enough to be on a rain barrel or storm drain cover
No inappropriate content No copyrighted music You may also submit a photo of your artwork
Content must be original  

Storm drain size:
23.5-inch diameter (round)
62.5-inch x 14.5-inch (rectangular)

You must attend school in the City of Raleigh, Raleigh extra territorial jurisdictions (ETJ), or the utility service area.

Submit Your Entry

Registration closed Feb. 3, 2020. Winners receive a $500 prize that'll be announced that the 2020 Earth Day celebration on April 18 at Dix Park. 

Application attachment size limit: 250 megabytes. Include video links with the application using Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive.

Keep Our Water Clean

Watch the winning video from 2019 - "Keep our Water Clean" by Leigh Bazemore.



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