Mackenzie Book holding the drawing that she created for our stormwater contest.

2021 Art Winner - MacKenzine Book

Capture it! Stormwater Arts Contest

A Contest for 8th - 12th graders

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The Contest

How would you protect streams from water pollution? Show us in a video or artwork! Entries will be selected based on your message, creativity, and quality.

Prize - $500 for each category

Apply Today

We're accepting applications until Feb. 20, 2022. Awards will be presented at the Environmental Awards

Topics to Cover

Entries should include these key messages: 

  1. Why only rain goes down the storm drain;
  2. Easy ways to prevent water pollution; or, 
  3. What people can do to capture and clean stormwater before it goes to a storm drain or stream.

General Guidelines

Video and Artwork

Here's criteria and recommendations for contest entries.  

Video Criteria Artwork Ideas
  • 60 seconds 
  • MP4 or MOV format
  • No copyrighted music
  • Do a poster or painting
  • Decorate a rain barrel 
  • Make a sculpture 
  • Create trash art


  • Attend school in Raleigh (includes Raleigh extra territorial jurisdictions and the utility service area)
  • Content must be original


  • No identifiable brands
  • No inappropriate content

Get Inspired

Similar Art

The Carolina Madtom Sculpture - made from 800 pounds of trash from Walnut Creek and surrounding areas. 

Past Video and Art Winners

2021 Art Winner - MacKenzine Book

Storm drain cover art by student David Manyac named "Nature Depends on the Neuse" 

2021 Winners

Artwork: Mackenzine Book - "Why Only Rainwater Goes Down the Storm Drain" 

Video: Alley Arnold and Regan Watkins - "Reclaim Runoff"



Carmela Teichman
Community Outreach Specialist 

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Stormwater Management Advisory Commission
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