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Zoning is key to managing city growth. Understanding how it works is important to being an informed citizen. Below you will find help to understand what zoning is and how it is applied in Raleigh.




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What is Rezoning?

Changes to the Zoning Map (Rezoning)

Rezoning is the act of modifying the Official Zoning Map. A rezoning case may be initiated by an individual, a group of individuals, or the City. However it is initiated, the case must go through a legally-defined process. For more information on the rezoning process, visit the Rezoning page.

To view cases that have already been submitted and are in the process of being reviewed by staff, visit the Current Development Activity page. On the Planning Commission and City Council pages you can find the times and dates for upcoming public meetings. You can also sign up for email updates on the activities of the Planning Commission and City Council on their respective pages.

All zoning cases from 1984 to the present can be found on the Finalized Rezoning Cases page.