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Navigating to iMAPS

The first step to knowing what can be built on a lot within the City of Raleigh is to learn the property’s zoning.  Zoning is a legal instrument to regulate the use of land, building size, height, and setbacks. Zoning is intended to promote an orderly pattern of development and to separate land uses that are incompatible such as industrial uses and homes.

The easiest and most accurate way to determine zoning for any part of the City of Raleigh is with iMAPS. This web-based mapping platform is managed by Wake County.

IMAPS is very similar to other interactive online maps that allow you to search for addresses, measure distances, or look at satellite images. What makes iMAPS special is that it also gives you access to Wake County’s tax data and a wide range of regulatory and policy information from the City of Raleigh, including the Official Zoning Map.

To find your zoning on iMAPS, follow these steps:

Step 1

First, navigate to the ‘Layers’ tab (located in the upper left-hand corner of the page) and ensure the following layers are turned on: ‘Property’, ‘Planning and Development’, ‘Zoning’, ‘Overlays’, ‘Raleigh Overlay Districts’, and ‘Raleigh Zoning’. Click the arrow left of the layer name to view the sublayers.

Step 2

Next, navigate back to ‘Property Search’ and search for an address, parcel identification number (PIN), real estate ID, or property owner in the search box in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 3

Once you have searched for the property, the map’s extent should be updated to display the selected parcel. Navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the web map and click the ‘Identify’ tool (the white circle with a lower-case ‘i’ within it).

Step 4

Next, select the highlighted parcel. A pop-up box should appear displaying the property’s information. Click through the tabs of this pop-up box to identify any layers that apply to the property (e.g. zoning districts, overlay zoning districts, etc.).

Step 5

To view zoning conditions for a property, repeat steps 1-4. After you have identified the property using the ‘identify’ tool, click through the layers until you see the ‘Raleigh Zoning’ layer. Scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up box. Click the hyperlink in the row titled ‘Link to Conditions’.

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Zoning Verification

A Zoning Verification Letter provides a letter from the Planning and Development department confirming the zoning district(s) for any given parcel of land as well any applicable zoning conditions that are on the parcel. A separate application must be submitted for each parcel. 

A Zoning Verification Letter does not provide a determination as to the compliance or noncompliance of any existing land uses on the property.

To request a Zoning Verification Letter, please register an account and apply through the Permit and Development Portal.

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