a rendering of New Bern Avenue will look like once the BRT project is completed.

This event occurred in the past

October 31 – December 2, 2022

Wake Bus Rapid Transit Virtual Open House


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Welcome to the Wake Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Virtual Open House (VOH)!

The purpose of this open house is to: 

  • Provide an overview of the BRT program 
  • Provide project-specific status updates
  • Gather public and stakeholder feedback

Live Virtual Q&A Session

Project staff will be available to provide updates for all Wake BRT corridors and answer your questions.  There will be a subject matter expert for each specific corridor.

  • November 30, 2022 Virtual Ask a Planner Session from 6-7 p.m. 

Use our Public Engagement Portal to attend the event, and view the recording afterward.

In Person Sessions 

  • November 15, 2022 New Bern Corridor Update at Tarboro Road Community Center from 6-8 p.m.
  • November 17, 2022 Ask a Planner event at Go Raleigh Station from 9-11 a.m.
  • November 29, 2022 Ask a Planner event at Go Raleigh Station from 9-11 a.m.
  • November 18, 2022 Ask a Planner event at Raleigh Union Station from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • November 30, 2022 Ask a Planner event at Cary Regional Library from 12-2 p.m.

For more engagement opportunities, please visit the BRT Engagement Portal.

Wake BRT Program Update


Several Wake BRT projects are currently underway in different stages of planning and design. BRT will bring fast, reliable, and efficient bus service to Wake County along four (4) key corridors. More information on how BRT works is available on the Bus Rapid Transit page

Corridor  Status Anticipated Next Steps 
New Bern Avenue  Right of way Acquisition Construction (Summer 2023)
Southern Corridor Early design phase (10 percent) Begin final design (Summer 2023)
Western Corridor Early design phase (10 percent) Begin final design (Fall/Winter 2023)
Northern Corridor

Route selection/planning phase 
(Major Investment Study)

Identify preferred alternatives by end of 2023

Corridor Specific Updates

Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue

The New Bern Avenue Corridor will connect downtown Raleigh with Wake Med and New Hope Road. Final design is underway, and the project is nearing completion of final design. In August of 2022, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded Capital Investment Grant (CIG) funding, meaning that anticipated construction of New Bern Avenue’s Corridor can begin in 2023 and estimated opening of BRT service along New Bern Avenue in 2025. Please view the project update video about right of way below to learn more about next steps.

Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue Project Update - Fall 2022

Wake BRT: Southern Corridor

The Southern Corridor will connect downtown Raleigh to North South Station and Rupert Road in Garner. The project is currently in the early design phase (10% design) and completed the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Capital Improvements Grant (CIG) Small Starts Ratings Submission​ at the end of August 2022. It is anticipated that by end of 2024, the project team will finalize station locations and refine BRT transit lane designs through the project’s final design phase.

Please view the video below to learn more about Southern Corridor’s progress

Wake BRT: Southern Corridor Update - Fall 2022

Wake BRT: Western Corridor

The Western Corridor will connect downtown Raleigh and downtown Cary. The project is in the early design phase (10 percent design). The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Capital Investment Grant (CIG) Small Starts Ratings submission for the corridor is anticipated in August – September 2023. With many capital improvement projects occurring concurrently along the corridor, it is anticipated that by the end of 2025, the project team will finalize station locations and refine BRT transit lane designs.

The Western Corridor’s status remains the same as presented in Spring 2021. Please view the video from last Virtual Open House.

Wake BRT: Western Corridor Update

Wake BRT: Northern Corridor

The Northern Corridor is currently undergoing a Major Investment Study (MIS). The Northern Corridor MIS will analyze corridor connections from downtown Raleigh to Triangle Town Center and downtown Raleigh to Midtown.

Please view the video below to learn more about Northern Corridor MIS history and progress.

Wake BRT: Northern Corridor Update – Fall 2022

Station Design

Based on feedback from stakeholders and municipal partners, conceptual designs for Wake BRT stations are being developed. Your feedback from Spring 2021 Virtual Open House was considered on certain elements of the stations, like lighting and materials. Thank You for Participating!

This video highlights the conceptual station design renderings for Wake Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and includes station amenities and features, and how pedestrians and bicyclists will access BRT stations. 

Wake Bus Rapid Transit - Station Design - Transit


Based on feedback from the public, stakeholders, municipal partners and Branding Technical Committee, brand concepts for Wake BRT system have been developed including name and color. We have incorporated your feedback on potential logo elements for the Wake BRT brand concepts and are happy to share the Wake BRT brand below!

Conceptual Rendering of 60-foot articulated Bus:


Wake BRT: Art Integration

Raleigh Arts is working with 11 selected local artists toward integrating their art pieces into the station design for the New Bern Avenue Corridor. More information will be coming soon about how art will be incorporated into the other corridors in the future. If you are interested in learning more about past feedback incorporated and the overall arts integration process, visit the Art Integration project page.

Wake BRT Wants to Hear from You

Visit the engagement portal to give us your feedback. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Wake BRT!

Upon completion of the Fall Virtual Open House, the project webpages will be updated with the appropriate information.


Coordinated Efforts

New Bern Station Area Planning

After the station locations along New Bern were finalized, and the project team began the process of planning for areas around those stations. Building off the EDAT project, the New Bern Station Area Planning process kicked off in early June 2021 and completed Summer 2022. To learn more about this process and final report visit the Station Area Planning: New Bern page.

Western and Southern Station Area Planning

The station area planning process for the Western and Southern BRT routes will plan for the areas around future stations, including a review of bike and pedestrian infrastructure, land use, and housing affordability. The first step of the project is to hire a consultant team to lead the studies. This is expected to begin in Winter 2022, with a project kickoff in early 2023. Visit the project pages here for more information Station Area Planning - Western and Station Area Planning - Southern project.

Rapid Bus Extensions MIS 

In coordination with the Wake Bus Rapid Transit Corridors, Rapid Bus Extensions to the core corridors are being studied.  The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization is currently conducting Major Investment Studies for the Western and Southern Corridor extensions to determine feasibility of routing alternatives to make an informed decision on preferred alternatives to carry forward for further project development. To learn more about the extensions please visit the project page link here Wake BRT: Rapid Bus Extensions Study | CAMPO Rapid Bus Extension Major Investment Study



Het Patel
Wake BRT: Planning & Design
Wake BRT: Western Corridor
Wake BRT: Southern Corridor
Wake BRT: Northern Corridor

Sam Brewer
Wake BRT: New Bern Final Design

Kelly McChesney
Art Integration 


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Open Houses and Public Hearings