Aerial view of the Western Blvd. and Avent Ferry Rd. Intersection

Station Area Planning: Western

Connecting neighborhoods to Western BRT

Station area planning is the process of planning for future bus rapid transit (BRT) stations. It involves planning for where people will walk and bike to transit and how the areas around BRT can grow to support healthy, affordable, and equitable neighborhoods.  

This process is separate from the design of the Western BRT stations and bus lanes. It is a community planning process for areas within a short walk of the BRT stations along Western Boulevard but not for the BRT route itself. 

Are you interested in sharing your ideas for housing and business options, safer walking and biking, and usable open spaces around this future BRT route? Come plan with us!

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John Anagnost, Senior Planner



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Planning and Development
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Area plans are an important part of how the city adapts to change and addresses key issues, such as housing affordability, walkability, and reducing carbon emissions. To learn more about area planning in general, visit the info page. 

Area plans offer a chance to dive deeply into issues and concerns in specific parts of the city. In this case, the focus is on neighborhoods along Western Boulevard 

Equitable Development Around Transit 

The foundation of BRT station area planning is the Equitable Development Around Transit plan. That process looked at all four BRT corridors and looked to answer two big questions:  

  1. To what extent should Raleigh grow more around transit, as opposed to driving, in the future?
  2. How do we ensure the benefits of BRT are shared equitably?  

We heard clearly that Raleigh should work toward becoming a much more sustainable and transit-oriented city, and that affordable housing is critical.   

The Equitable Transit-Oriented Development Guidebook outlines a path toward meeting those goals. 

It includes strategies and tools for allowing more people to live and work in areas near BRT, improving housing affordability and choice, and making it easier and safer to go places by walking or biking. 

This project is being done in partnership with the Town of Cary, which is considering similar questions for the western portion of the BRT route that has stations in Cary. Raleigh and Cary are collaborating on the planning process, but each municipality will make its own decisions on topics to focus on and on what TOD will look like in their area.

Lead Department:
Planning and Development


The process will follow several steps, centered on public engagement. 

The first step is for the city to hire a consultant team to lead the study. This is expected to begin in Winter 2022.  

Stay tuned for more information! 

Lead Department:
Planning and Development