car driving in rain

Preparing Your Car For Severe Weather

The most valuable assets you want to protect before any storm are without question you and your family, but don’t forget about your vehicle!

Here are a few tips to keep your car safe.

  • Routine car maintenance prevents breakdowns and safety concerns. Your car will be ready to operate at its best in case of an emergency.
  • Keep your gas tank close to full whenever possible.
  • Prepare an emergency kit for your car. (jumper cables, gas container, tool kit, radio with batteries, first aid kit, etc.)
  • Park your car in a safe area! If you don’t have a garage, try to park away from trees, power lines, light poles, and any structures that could fall onto your vehicle and cause damage. Parking close to a building can offer some protection from high winds.
  • If you must drive during a storm, avoid flooded roads and washed-out bridges. It only takes 12 inches of fast-moving water to carry away a small car! 
  • Stay informed! When is the storm expected to reach your area? How bad will it be? Watch local news for up-to-date weather information and their recommendations. Be informed on the emergency evacuations routes and go over this information with your family.

Be prepared and stay safe, Raleigh!







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