East Millbrook Road before sidewalk construction

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East Millbrook Road Sidewalk Project

We are dedicated to improving pedestrian connectivity in Raleigh.

We are installing a sidewalk along the north side of East Millbrook Road from Atlantic Avenue to Capital Boulevard.

Project Details

Project Lead:
Roadway Design & Construction



Sam Brewer
Project Manager

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Lead Department:
Engineering Services
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Service Unit:
Roadway Design and Construction




This project will install sidewalks, update curb ramps, and provide signalized pedestrian crossings on East Millbrook Road between Atlantic Avenue and Capital Boulevard.

Design work started on this project in 2015 but was put on hold in 2016 for lack of funds. The project resumed in the Fall of 2018. 

Next Steps


We are scheduled to advertise this project for construction bids in fall 2020.

Phase Contacts


Reuben Moore, PE
Project Manager

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

Right of Way Acquisition

The project is in the right-of-way acquisition phase.  

Next Steps


We are scheduled to advertise for construction contracts early 2022.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


The Capital Sidewalk program selects projects using a prioritization methodology. The procedure includes studying the City’s Pedestrian Plan, pedestrian crashes, street classification, household income, speed limit, age of the population, density, and proximity to parks, schools, government facilities, shopping, bus stops, libraries, hospitals, museums, and sports facilities.  Funding for this project was made possible as a result of the 2013 and 2017 Bond.


Winter = January - March, Spring = April - June, Summer = July - September, Fall = October - December
Date Activity
Late Fall 2021 Complete Right of Way and Easement Acquisition
Early 2022 Advertise for Construction Bids
Early 2022 Award Construction Bid
Early 2023 Complete Construction

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