Colleton Drive no sidewalk on this street, City is going to install a new one


Colleton Road Sidewalk Project

We are installing a new sidewalk!

The Colleton Road Sidewalk Project is the product of a successful sidewalk petition the City received in the winter of 2019.

We plan to install a five-foot wide sidewalk on a three-and-a-half-foot wide setback from back of the curb along the east side of the street from Bertie Drive to Oakwood Avenue.

Project Details




Project manager
Jay Shah

Design and Construction 
Division Manager
Sylvester Percival, PE

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Lead Department:
Engineering ServicesTransportation
Service Unit:
Roadway Design and ConstructionMobility Strategy and Infrastructure




If you have any questions or comments pertaining to this sidewalk petition or planning process please feel free to contact us via e-mail at or by calling (919) 996-4054.


Lead Department:


We are in the design phase of the project.

Proposed design includes:

  • Sidewalk from Bertie Drive to Oakwood Avenue 
  • Sidewalk will connect to current sidewalk on Oakwood Avenue
  • Replacing/improving driveway entrances on some properties
  • Adding ADA compliant curb ramps at each end of street
  • Some private utility adjustments

View the presentation about the project.

See the design map for the project. 

Phase Contacts


Project manager
Jay Shah

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

Project Schedule

Activity Date
Public Meeting Nov. 15, 2023
Design Development Review Fall 2023
Complete Final Designs Early 2024
Start Real Estate Negotiations Early 2024
Start Construction Early Fall 2024
Project Complete Late Fall 2024