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Blount St & Person St Two-Way Conversion Project

Improving mobility and connectivity for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic

We are making improvements to Blount Street, Person Street, and a section of Wake Forest Road.

We will be:

  • Enhancing the bike lanes along the corridor; 
  • Adding traffic calming measure in some areas;
  • Installing two roundabouts, one at Delway Street and Person Street and the other at Wake Forest Road and Automotive Way; and,
  • Converting  Blount Street and Person Street from their current one-way operation into two streets with two-way traffic. This new traffic pattern will only be between Edenton Street and Wake Forest Road.

Our goal is to make the Blount Street and Person Street corridor safe and comfortable for all users. We call this a complete Street. 

What are Complete Streets?

Complete Streets accommodate all types of transportation, allowing bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users, vehicles, commercial and emergency vehicles to safely navigating City streets.

We are having a Virtual Open House!

Visit the Virtual Open House to see design concepts we are looking at for the corridor and give us your feedback on which options you like best.   

Project Details

9.4 Million
Project Lead:
Roadway Design & Construction



Reuben Moore, PE
Project Manager

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Lead Department:
Engineering Services
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Roadway Design and Construction




Updated Sept. 10

Our goal is to turn the Blount and Person Street corridor into a complete street, balancing the range of mobility needs by providing a place for all transportation types.
The project's design process is scheduled to take nearly two years and will include extensive public input.

Last summer we conducted a corridor user survey to help our team understand how the people of Raleigh use the Blount and Person Street corridor. This information has helped us assess how to integrate key aspects of the Downtown Transportation Plan, Wake County Transportation Plan, and BRT in keeping with the intent of the Blount and Person Street Corridor Plan.

The team has developed design concepts and we want your feedback. Visit our Virtual Open House to learn more. 

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

Project Details

The Blount Street – Person Street Corridor Study was adopted in 2013, before the Downtown Transportation Plan or Wake County Transit Plan were in consideration, and before a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project was conceived. Accordingly, we will develop the Blount St and Person St Two-Way Traffic Conversion Project keeping these other plans’ objectives into consideration.

The Downtown Transportation Plan has objectives related to all types of travel and talks about assigning streets a modal priority and how to balance tradeoffs within a downtown setting. It discusses how high-quality BRT and bicycle facilities can impact other desirable street features like on-street parking and loading zones. 

The Wake County Transit Plan includes increased transit funding that will develop Frequent Transit Routes with the goal of a 15-minute interval service for 18 hours a day.  BRT service will use exclusive lanes, prepaid boarding stations with platforms, signal priority, and less frequent intermediate stops to provide quick travel times to Downtown.  The New Bern BRT project is in the design stage and will use a portion of Blount Street to access GoRaleigh Station.  The BRT project will further study the use of BRT lanes and stations by these Frequent Routes and by Express Buses to provide a broader range of service for these time-saving investments.  

The portion of the Blount Street – Person Street Corridor that is considered “Downtown” is between Shaw University and William Peace University. 
The City will need the approval of the North Carolina Department of Transportation for this project because both streets are NCDOT-owned and maintained streets.  

Because of preliminary traffic analysis and the functioning of the BRT, staff has chosen to not make any improvements to the section between MLK Boulevard and Edenton Street, and the two-way conversion will be from Edenton Street north. The section between Edenton and Hammond Road of both Blount and Person will remain one-way streets. 

Public Art

The project will include a public art component. The City and a team of stakeholders selected J. Stacy Utley and Erwin Harris as the artist for this project. To learn more about the project, the artist selected, and give your input visit the Blount-Person Corridor Public Art Project page.


Activity Date
Pre-Design Touchpoint May 28 - June 16
virtual Open House Sept. 10 - Sept. 26
Pre-Construction Meeting Spring 2022
Construction Completed Pending

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