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Transit, Streets, and Sidewalks

Barwell Road Improvement Project

Our goal is to make Barwell Road safe for all modes of transportation.

The City is widening Barwell Road from Rock Quarry Road to Berkeley Lake Road.

We want Barwell Road to be safe and convenient, and comfortable for all modes of transportation. Improvements to the road include:

  • Designated Two-Way Left Turn Lanes;
  • Sidewalks;
  • Multi-Use-Path;
  • Transit Improvements;and,
  • Realignment of the Pearl Road Intersection.

Project Details

$10.8 Million
Project Lead:
Roadway Design & Construction
SEPI Engineering (Design Consultant)



Sean C. Driskill, PE
Project Manager

Public Comment Form

Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:
Roadway Design and Construction


Based on public feedback from the April 23, public meeting, other public engagement opportunities, and internal discussion and evaluation of both alternatives, we are moving forward with design Alternative 1. This design alternative includes 6-ft sidewalk along the east side of the road and a 10-ft multi-use-path (MUP) on the west side of the roadway.

Justification to Support Alternative 1

  • 75 percent of the individuals participating in the public meeting survey supported Alternative 1.
  • There are fewer conflict points on the west side of the road for cyclists, thus supporting the MUP on that side of the road.
  • There are existing sections of sidewalk on the east side of the road. We will fill in the missing sidewalk gaps and install new ramps. This will provide cost savings to the project relative to the other proposed alternatives.

Next Steps


The design consultant will start work on the advanced design plans for the project. Our next public meeting is scheduled for spring 2020.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

Right of Way Acquisition

Phase details coming soon.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Phase details coming soon.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Phase details coming soon.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


The Barwell Road Widening Project is part of the City’s Capital Improvement Program. Barwell Road is almost exclusively residential and includes the Barwell Road Elementary School and Community Center complex. These improvements will help improve pedestrian and bicycle accessibility from the surrounding properties to the school/park complex.


Date Activity
April 23, 2019 Pre-design Public Meeting
Dec. 19, 2019 Design Public Meeting
Spring 2020 Advanced Design Meeting
Summer 2020 City Council Project Presentation
Late Fall 2020 Complete Right of Way and Easement Acquisition
Winter 2021 Advertise for Construction Bids
Winter 2021 Award Construction Contract
Spring 2021 Pre-construction Meeting
Spring 2023 Project Complete

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