Rendering of Atlantic Avenue

Transit, Streets, and Sidewalks

Atlantic Avenue Improvement Project

We strive to make Raleigh’s roadways safe for all types of transportation.

The City of Raleigh is going to improve Atlantic Avenue between New Hope Church Road and Highwoods Boulevard. 

The proposed project will improve safety and make it easier for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians to navigate this section of the corridor.

Improvements to the roadway will include:

  • A median with turn lanes;
  • Sidewalks; and,
  • A multi-use path.

Project Details

$11.6 Million
Project Lead:
Roadway Design & Construction
AECOM (Design Consultant)



Chad Cantrell, PE
Project Manager

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Lead Department:
Engineering Services


We had a public meeting on Oct 16, to talk about the preliminary design plans for the project. At the meeting City staff and our design consultant, AECOM, gave a brief presentation showing the preliminary design plans.

The design consultant and City staff are working on the advanced design plans.



Next Steps


The next public meeting is scheduled to take place in spring 2020.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

Right of Way Acquisition

Phase details coming soon.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Phase details coming soon.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Phase details coming soon.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


The Atlantic Avenue Widening Project is part of the Capital Improvement Program.

Key factors the City and our design consultants will consider during the design processes are:

  • The existing street is a four-lane undivided roadway with a sidewalk on the east side.
  • The intersection at Ingram Street has been a high-crash location historically, made difficult by rolling topography.
  • The east side of this section of Atlantic Avenue is mainly residential, and any widening will likely occur on the other side of the street.



Date Activity
April 10, 2019 Pre-design Public Meeting
Sept. 2019 Preliminary Plans Public Meeting
Spring 2020 Design Plan Public Meeting
Spring 2020 City Council Project Presentation
Winter 2021 Complete Right of Way and Easement Acquisition
Winter 2021 Advertise for Construction Bids
Winter 2021 Award Construction Contract
Late Winter 2021 Pre-construction Meeting
Late Spring 2023 Project Complete

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