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A newsrack is defined as a self-service, container or other dispenser used for distributing of newspapers or additional printed material. Newsracks are often placed on City sidewalks. Use of such newsracks requires a Private Use of Public Spaces permit.

How to Apply

Step  Description 
1. Review Hospitality Guide  

Review the hospitality programs planning guide to learn about necessary requirements. Not sure if you qualify for a newsrack permit or do you have questions? Reach out to us

2. Gather Required Documents Gather the following documents in order to apply: 
3. Register and Submit Documents 

Register or login to your Permit and Development Portal account, apply for Newsrack Permit, and submit all documents for approval.

4. City Review & Notification  The City will review submissions, reach out with any comments or feedback, and charge the permit fee. After completion of all requirements, the City will issue your permit.


Lead Department:
Emergency Management and Special Events
Service Categories:
Hospitality Programs



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