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Everything you need to know about residential infill development in Raleigh.

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As the City of Raleigh continues to grow you may have heard the term "infill" used when referring to projects in your neighborhood. Residential infill development often occurs in neighborhoods throughout the city. It can also occur on vacant parcels within previously built areas.

This page is here to assist applicants with the infill development requirements in the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

NOTE: These residential infill standards may also apply to non-residential projects.

How Do I Know if My Property is Residential Infill?

It is strongly recommended that an applicant verify the infill status of their property prior to submitting a permit application. Failing to verify the infill status will result in review process delays. Submit an Infill Verification Request via the Permit and Development Portal to determine if a property is subject to residential infill compatibility standards. Please note there is a $45 fee for this service.

Residents and property owners who do not wish to submit the verification request can use iMaps as a resource to assist them with identifying this information on their own.

What is Required if My Property is Residential Infill?

Infill development is subject to setback and building height regulations that defer from those of the property's designated zoning district.

Infill and the UDO

Section 2.2.7 of the UDO contains details on residential infill compatibility. The intent of this information is to accommodate and encourage compatible development in existing residential neighborhoods. It also assists with reinforcing the established character of the neighborhood while protecting impacts to adjacent properties.

Other Helpful Resources

The following information may also be helpful for residential infill projects:

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