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How to get interpretation of regulations, codes, and ordinances.

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During the development review process it is not uncommon for applicants to have questions about regulations, codes, or ordinances related to their project. If you have questions you should direct them to the staff person conducting your review or their immediate supervisor.

Contact information for a review staff member is typically provided with the “Corrections Report” associated with the review.

Request for Interpretation

Requests for a formal written interpretation of specific UDO provisions can be made by completing the Request for Interpretation Form (pdf).  The applicant, and subject property owner if other than the applicant, will be notified in writing of the Zoning Administrator's decision.

Should you find that you have a question pertaining to:

  • The NC building code; or,
  • The NC fire code

You may contact the following as appropriate:
Leon Skinner, Chief Building Inspector
Steve Berry, Assistant Fire Marshal

Field Interpretations

To request a field interpretation contact the appropriate trade group supervisor listed below. Field interpretations will be resolved by the next business day.

Contact Title Office Phone Mobile Phone
Steve Berry Fire New Construction Supervisor 919-996-5972 919-796-9731
Leon Skinner Chief Building Official 919-996-2455 n/a
Bryan Robinson Chief Building Inspector 919-996-2445 984-789-1173
Jay Daunoy Chief Electrical Inspector 919-996-2447 919-524-2178
Jerry Fraker Chief Plumbing Inspector 919-996-2448 919-268-0118
Dick Flowers Chief Mechanical Inspector 919-996-2449 919-278-6187




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