signal box wrapped in art by Sam Greene

Lost Ocean
Sam Greene
Lenoir St. and Wilmington St.

Signal Box Wraps

Raleigh Arts

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Project Details

Jubilee Dancers
Jose Cruz
North St. and Glenwood Ave.

Gina Franco
Boylan Ave. and Hargett St.

Onion Head Monster and the Dang Nabbit Rabbits
Paul Friedrich
Hillsborough St. and Harrington St.

Black Roses
Cathy Foreman
Wilmington St. and Hargett St.

Lost Ocean
Sam Greene
Lenoir St. and Wilmington St.

Tucker - Oak City Kitty
Anna Podris
Salisbury St. and Davie St.

Walk of Life
JP Jermaine Powell
Wilmington St. and Polk St.

Granite Planet
Ann Roth
Peace St. and Glenwood Ave.

Cardinal Capital
Kiara Sanders
East St. and Davie St.

Luminescence of Cho
Denise Torrance
South St. and Salisbury St.

Project Details

The City of Raleigh Department of Transportation (RDOT) and Raleigh Arts have partnered to put the skills of local creatives on display by wrapping 10 downtown Raleigh traffic signal boxes with artwork. 

Each signal box controls traffic lights at a nearby intersection. The boxes are integral to the flow of cars and pedestrians throughout the city, but their plain metal exteriors often leave them hidden in plain sight. This art project gives local artists a new canvas while also highlighting an important aspect of transportation infrastructure.

Artists chose to focus on a wide variety of subject matter including fantastical deep-sea fish, pinball machines, the power of music, and a local feline celebrity named Tucker. The 10 artists participating in the project include:



Kelly McChesney
Public Art Director

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Raleigh Arts
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