An artist paints a bird on a sewer up next to a Raleigh greenway

Local wildlife on greenway sewer riser, 2020, Nora Reston, located on the Neuse River Trail near River Bend Park

Do-It-Yourself Public Art Projects

Create self-funded public art projects on City property!

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You can add art to your community!

Raleigh Arts can help you add art to your community by guiding artists and community members looking to hire artists through the City of Raleigh permitting process. Read through examples of past projects, the application process, and other requirements before submitting an application.   

Raleigh Arts can help with projects that are: 

  • Proposed by anyone that wants to add more public art to Raleigh 
  • Located on City-owned property (City buildings, City parks, sidewalks, parking decks, etc.) * 
  • Self-funded, community-funded, grant-funded, or sponsored. This type of project does not include funding from Raleigh Arts. Check out other funding opportunities

* Raleigh Arts does not manage public art on state-owned or private property. For public art on private property, use iMAPS to find the property/business owner to work with them directly. 


Raleigh Arts has a set of toolkits to guide you through common Do-It-Yourself Public Art Projects.  

Don’t see your idea covered in the toolkits? Review the miscellaneous do-it-yourself public art projects page to learn about the general request process and timeline, and submit your request.

Funding Opportunities

Raleigh Arts does not offer funding for Do-It-Yourself Public Art Projects at this time. However, the City and our arts partners offer several funding opportunities related to art in public spaces.

Arts Funding Opportunities



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