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Barwell Road Public Art Project

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Public Input and Upcoming Meetings

Barwell Road PublicInput Project Page

Public art and design studio UrbanRock Design is gathering inspiration and learning about the Barwell Road community. Visit the PublicInput project page to view community comments, find out about upcoming stakeholder meetings, and to share input and stories about the neighborhood. Virtual community meetings are held using Zoom, a free video-conferencing software.



Project Details

The Barwell Road Public Art Project is funded by the 2017 Transportation Bond. Capital Improvement Projects that meet the Percent for Art Ordinance standards, such as this one, are eligible to use 1% of construction funding for Public Art. Inclusion of aesthetics and artwork is an investment in our communities, with a focus on community identity and equity in quality of life. Communities gain cultural, social, and economic value through public art.

The project will add turn lanes, sidewalks, and bike lanes on Barwell Road. The corridor includes residential homes and a well-loved public space consisting of the Barwell Road Elementary School, the City of Raleigh Firestation, and Barwell Community Center complex.

The public art could be stand-alone or integrated into the site. Potential opportunities include a stand-alone sculpture, artwork sited at the community complex, and/or artwork integrated into pedestrian paving, lighting, benches/bike racks, or other site elements. The artist will work closely with the design team, project stakeholders, and residents.

This project is part of the Percent for Art program and is a part of the Barwell Road Improvement Project.


Estimated installation in 2025.

Artist Biography

Headshots of Jeanine Centuori and Russell Rock

UrbanRock Design is an award-winning art and design studio of Jeanine Centuori, FAIA, and Russell Rock. They work between art and design—this interdisciplinary focus enables them to easily interface with arts and construction professionals. UrbanRock Design works in an integrated manner, by creating concepts, images, and production documents.

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Kelly McChesney
Public Art Director

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
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