Rose Lane closed off with yellow tape because of flooding

Flood Early Warning System

Pilot Program

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We are working on a pilot program that focuses on collecting data and using technology to make flooding predictions in advance of a storm.


Walnut Creek in Raleigh

Walnut Creek in Raleigh.

Phase 1 (Complete)
Crabtree Creek Watershed to a point downstream at US 1

Phase 2 (Underway until Sept. 2021)
The rest of the Crabtree Creek Watershed plus Walnut Creek Watershed

This is for areas in Raleigh only. We'll also look at making improvements to the system (i.e. adding more gauges and routine maintenance).

Current Data Collection Times

A US Geological Survey stream gauge near Walnut Creek

A stream gauge on S. State Street. 

We have partnered with US Geological Survey to collect stream gauge data every five and 15 minutes (instead of every hour) at specific locations. We'll see more response times and alerts like this as we launch the program across the city.

Note: We don't receive data right away. There is a brief period from when data is collected to when it's available on our dashboard. 

Every Five Minutes
Anderson Drive Old Wake Forest Road S. State Street
Buck Jones Road Pigeon House Branch at Cameron Village Sunnybrook Road
Highway 70 at Glenwood Ave. Rocky Branch near Pullen Road Trailwood Drive
Every 15 Minutes
Ebenezer Church Road Marsh Creek S. Wilmington Street
Lake Johnson Rose Lane US 1 (Capital Boulevard)


Results from the program will offer increased lead time to notify first responders and people in Raleigh about storm/flooding impacts.



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