Cross Connection Control Program

On July 5, 2022, our new application with VEPO will Go Live enabling our Raleigh Water Certified Testers to begin submitting reports electronically. For more information, please review this FAQ.  Water Customers who would like to view their account and backflow test report online. For instructions on how to use this webpage, please review this testing notice example and utility customer portal update.

The Cross Connection Program is responsible for ensuring potable water provided by the City remains safe throughout the water distribution system and is protected from “backflow events.” (an undesirable reversal of potentially contaminated water from a customer to the City’s system.)

This protection is achieved through the installation of backflow devices or assemblies after each metered service or the right-of-way for dedicated fire service lines. For most residential customers, backflow protection is provided by a dual check device in the meter box. For other services with higher risk, testable backflow assemblies are installed and required by Raleigh City Code to be tested by a Certified Tester.

Failing to adequately prevent or control backflow events could have significant negative health and economic impacts, as evidenced by the Corpus Christi, TX incident in December 2016.

Residential Irrigation Backflow Requirements

Find out more about requirements about backflow assemblies for residential irrigation systems.