Exemptions and Extensions for Cross Connection Control Program

If you feel this notice was given in error, you may request an exemption to install an approved containment backflow assembly by submitting a Backflow Assessment Form.

Backflow Assessment Instructions

Owners of a facility containing a cross-connection that does not pose an imminent threat to the public water supply and who wish to apply for extension of time for compliance not to exceed one year from the date of the original notice issued pursuant to 8-2151 of the Raleigh City Code must proved the Cross Connection Coordinator in writing the following:

  1. A completed City of Raleigh Extension Application;
  2. Three installations bids;
  3. Completion date for required work; and,
  4. Proof of existing or proposed containment assemblies for any severe hazards located within the facility by means a submittal of a passing operational test report.
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