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Stakeholders met from April to September 2019. See agendas, minutes, and other resources from each meeting. 


The group helped us review: 

  • What can be built in the floodplain;
  • How we can improve buildings that are in the floodplain and are not built to current flood regulations;
  • Access to structures when it floods; and,
  • Flood study requirements.

Flood Mitigation

Properties purchased and returned to green space to reduce flooding impacts
(Since 2018)

Learn more about the Flood Hazard Mitigation Program

Address Cost Funding
3112 Comstock Road (Northshore Lake) $200,000 City of Raleigh
1827 Capital Boulevard Bowling Alley $1.1 Million City of Raleigh
Woodlea Drive Single Family Homes $510,000 FEMA/North Carolina
Grove Park Apartments $1.8 Million FEMA/City of Raleigh
1817 Capital Boulevard (Milner Inn) $1.5 Million FEMA/North Carolina
1625 Capital Boulevard (Capital Inn) $1.4 Million FEMA/North Carolina
1801 Capital Boulevard (Dunkin Donuts) $320,000 City of Raleigh 
8 Single Family Homes $2.1 Million FEMA/North Carolina
Total  $8.93 Million ($2.07 Million City of Raleigh funding)  



Ben Brown, PE
Stormwater Administrator 

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Stormwater Management Advisory Commission
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