Residential Parking Permit FAQs

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Obtaining A Permit Using Your Permit and Parking in the Residential Permit Zone Guest Permits

Obtaining A Permit

How do I check to see if I live in a residential permit zone?

  • Please check City of Raleigh’s Parking website, scroll down to the map and type in your address to see if you live in a Residential Permit Parking Zone or call Raleigh Parking at 919-996-3996 during business hours.

Is a residential permit required if I live in a residential permit zone?

  • No, it is not required if you plan to utilize an off-street parking location (driveway, parking lot, etc.); however, should a resident wish to purchase a guest pass they must first be a current residential permit holder. Living in a residential permit zone and having a residential permit allows residents and their guests to park on-street in their neighborhood without adhering to visitor parking regulations. This can be useful if you notice heavy parking usage in the neighborhood.

My area is currently not in a permit zone. How do I create one?

How can I apply for a residential parking permit?

I just moved to a Residential Parking Permit area. What documents do I need to get a permit?

  • Apply online or download and fill out the Residential Parking Permit Application
  • Must present or upload a valid driver’s license and a valid vehicle registration card for each vehicle for which the applicant is the principal operator
  • Must present or upload proof of residence, ownership or tenancy.

What qualifies as proof of residency?

  • Current driver’s license with a matching address for the requested permit
  • If leasing, the tenant must present a notarized affidavit signed by the landlord with the beginning and end dates of the lease
  • Utility bill in the applicant’s name and matching Raleigh address
  • If you have any more questions on what is acceptable, please call Raleigh Parking at 919-996-3996.

What if I have unpaid parking citations owed to the City of Raleigh. Will I be able to purchase a Residential Parking Permit?

  • All unpaid parking citations must be paid to the City prior to being eligible to purchase a residential parking permit.

What if my vehicle is not registered at my current address?

  • You can still apply for a permit. We require a utility bill and notarized affidavit that will suffice to enroll in the program.

How much do permits cost?

  • $20 per permit per calendar year.

Are permits prorated if obtaining one for a partial year?

  • No.    

How long are permits valid?

  • Permits are valid for the current calendar year.

Can I make payments over the phone?

  • No, we do not accept payments over the phone.  If you’d like to apply and pay online, please visit the Raleigh Parking Permit Portal. Otherwise, you can pay with a check by mail or in-person. If paying with cash, visit Raleigh Parking’s Office. Mail-in cash payments will not be accepted.

Using Your Permit and Parking in the Residential Permit Zone

Why do I have to pay to park in front of my house?

  • Typically, neighborhoods initiate a residential permit zone to create relief of the parking supply within their area.  If you live in area that has been deemed Residential Permit Parking then the residents have found it difficult to secure adequate on-street parking adjacent to their places of residence and have petitioned the City stating they are willing to bear the administrative costs tied to having a residential permit zone in their neighborhood.

Do I have to put a physical permit decal on my vehicle?

  • No. The City will use the license plate number of the registered vehicle as the permit decal. It is the responsibility of the permit-holder that vehicle plate information is up to date on their parking account.  If requested, a physical decal can still be provided to the approved applicant.

I’m going out of town for a week. Can I leave my vehicle on the street while I’m out of town?

  • Yes; however, vehicles cannot be parked on a City street, in the same block, longer than 7 consecutive days per City’s code regarding Stored and Abandoned Vehicles.

Can I have permits for two different zones on my car?

  • No. Different residential zones have different parking requirements, and permits are only valid for an applicant’s primary place of residence

Am I exempt from receiving parking citations if I’m enrolled in the Residential Permit Parking program?

  • Permit holders must obey all rules and regulations while parked on a City street and are not exempt from receiving citations. If you have any questions about parking restrictions or a parking citation, please call Raleigh Parking during business hours at 919-996-3996.

If I move within the same zone, is my permit still valid?

  • Yes, your permit is still valid. You don’t have to get a brand new one. Please keep in mind that permits are only valid for one calendar year.

If I move from an address in one zone to an address in a different zone, does my permit transfer to the new zone?

  • No, you will need to submit a new permit application, required documents and payment since this is for a completely different permit zone. Permits are non-transferable between zones.

Guest Permits

Who is eligible to purchase a guest permit?

  • Only Current residential permit holders are eligible to purchase guest permits.

How do I purchase a guest permit?

  • Online via the Raleigh Parking Permit Portal; you must log-on to begin the guest permit purchase process.
  • In-person at 310 W. Martin St., Suite 109 Raleigh, NC 27601 during business hours

Do I have to display a physical guest permit?

  • If you purchase a guest permit online, you do not need to display a physical permit. Raleigh Parking will use the guest vehicle’s license plate number as the decal.
  • If you purchase a physical guest permit at our office, you must fill out the correct information on the physical decal and it must be displayed clearly on the curbside dashboard of the guest vehicle. Failure to provide legible, missing or no information could result in a parking citation.

Can I get more than one guest permit?

  • Yes

How much does a guest permit cost?

How long are guest permits valid for?

  • One, 24- Hour Time Period.

What if I have someone staying multiple days?

  • You will need to purchase multiple guest permits for every day your guest will be parked on-street. If purchasing online, you can purchase ahead of time or the day of use.

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