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Case Number Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
No Case # No Name No CAC No Status No Contact


Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
SUB-0002-2020 Richland Reserve Subdivision/ 10807 Ponderosa Service Rd/ townhomes North UR Purifoy
SUB-0003-2020 Hillsborough House/ 319-337 Oak Hill Dr/ apartments West UR Evans
SUB-0008-2020 Brier Creek Flex Space/ 7771 Alexander Town Blvd/ non-residential Northwest UR Evans
SUB-0010-2020 American Plumbing/ 3716 Auburn Church Rd./ non residential South UR Purifoy
SUB-0011-2020 Kyle Drive Townhomes/ 5305 Kyle Dr Northeast UR Biegler
SUB-0018-2020 10805 Leesville Road/ 10805 Leesville Road/ townhomes Northwest UR Evans
SUB-0025-2020 North Hills East Lot 17/ 4606 Market at North Hills Street Midtown UR Biegler
SUB-0026- 2020 700 Salisbury Subdivision/ 700 S. Salisbury St Central UR Biegler
SUB-0027-2020 Trawick Road Subdivision/ 3050 Trawick Rd Northeast UR Biegler
SUB-0028-2020 309 N State Street Townhomes/ 309 N State Street North Central UR Walters
SUB-0030-2020 Carolina Pines Multi-Family/ 2640 Cherry Cir and 511 Carolina Pines Av East UR Purifoy
SUB-0031-2020 1900 Wimbish Lane Subdivision / 1900 Wimbish Lane North UR Biegler
SUB-0032-2020 5401 North Lot 10/ 6200 Perry Creek Rd Forestville UR Evans
SUB-0036-2020 Westwood Subdivision/ 900 Westwood Dr Glenwood UR Biegler
SUB-040-2020 Phoenix Place Lot 77 / 1001 Phoenix Pl East UR Purifoy
SUB-041-2020 Phoenix Place Lot 78 / 1000 Phoenix Pl East UR Purifoy
SUB-042-2020 Phoenix Place Lot 79 / 1004 Phoenix Pl East UR Purifoy
SUB-0043-2020 North Ridge Pointe/ 2700 Gresham Lake Rd,/ 7700, 7702, 7708 & 7716 Litchford Rd/ subdivision North UR Walters
SUB-0044-2020 Rhyd Village Subdivision/ 838 Woodburn Rd/ Single Family Hillsborough-Wade UR Biegler
SUB-0045-2020 Summer Stone/ 8420 Ray Rd/ single family Northwest UR Purifoy
SUB-0046-2020 Frazier/ 801 N. Bloodworth St/ single family Mordecai UR Purifoy
SUB-0050-2020 4241 Louisburg Rd/ 4241 Louisburg Rd/ commercial lots Northeast UR Purifoy
SUB-0052-2020 Bethel Park II - Phases 1 & 2/ 4418 Martha St/ single family Southeast UR Walters


Townes At Trawick/ 2025 Trawick Rd/ townhomes Northeast UR Purifoy
SUB-0054-2020 Fairview Place Subdivision/ 2600 & 2634 Oberlin Rd/ single family Five Points UR Walters
SUB-0056-2020 Dixon Drive Townhomes/ 5513 Dixon Dr/ Townhomes Midtown UR Purifoy
SUB-0057-2020 Cobblestone Court Subdivision - Lots 26A and 26B/ 3205 Cobblestone Ct/ single family Glenwood UR Purifoy
SUB-0058-2020 Louisbury Holden Subdivision/ 3936 Louisbury Rd/ single family Forestville UR Walters
SUB-0059-2020 Washington Terrace III/ 1817 Oakwood Ave/ Townhomes North Central UR Evans
SUB-0060-2020 Pasquotank/ 410 Pasquotank Dr/ single family Glenwood UR Purifoy
SUB-0061-2020 2520 Oxford Rd/ 2520 Oxford Rd/ single family Five Points UR Purifoy
SUB-0062-2020 733 Carlisle/ 733 Carlisle St/ single family Southeast UR Evans
SUB-0063-2020 401 Alston/ 401 Alston St/ single family South Central UR Walters
SUB-0064-2020 Powell Driftwood Cottages/ 709 Powell Dr West UR Evans
SUB-0065-2020 Grenelle Street Subdivision/ 3421 Olympia Dr Southwest UR Walters
SUB-0066-2020 Turner's Alley Subdivision/ 718 Chamberlain St, 203 & 2309 Turners Aly/ single family Hillsborough-Wade UR Walters
SUB-0067-2020 Bass Palmer Subdivision/ 1107 Shelley Rd and 1161 Wimbleton Dr/ single family Midtown UR Walters
SUB-0068-2020 Hawkins Townes/ 2208 Hawkins St/ townhomes East UR Evans
SUB-0069-2020 The Founding at Blue Ridge / 3421 & 3435 Blue Ridge Rd/ single family Northwest UR Purifoy
SUB-0070-2020 Olde Towne Lots 4 and 5 Subdivision/ 5325 Rock Quarry Rd/ townhomes Southeast UR Walters
SUB-0071-2020 Olde Towne Lot 10/ 5135 Rock Quarry Rd/ townhomes Southeast UR Walters
SUB-0072-2020 Tudor Place Subdivision/ 424 Colleton Rd/ single family East UR Evans
SUB-0073-2020 Weathervane Properties/ 1125 S Bloodworth St/ single family  Central UR Purifoy
SUB-0074-2020 519 E Edenton- Lot 2 Subdivision/ 519 E Edenton St/ single family North Central UR Walters
SUB-0075-2020 4800 Duraleigh Rd/ 4800 Duraleigh Rd/ other Northwest UR Purifoy
SUB-0076-2020 Buffaloe Road Townes/ 6215 Buffaloe Rd/ townhomes Northeast UR Walters


Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
S-1-19 The Townes at Southpointe/ 5940 Farm Gate Rd/ residential West UR Stegall
S-8-19 1712 Mayridge Lane/ 1712 Mayridge Lane/ multi-family townhomes Southeast UR Walters
S-14-19 Townes at Trawick/ 2025 Trawick Rd/ single family Northeast UR Stegall
S-22-19 Rhyd Park/ 1304 Marlowe Rd/ single family Midtown UR Boivin
S-23-19 Edgemont Reserve 3/ 3420 Edgemont Dr/ single family Northwest UR Stegall
S-26-19 3300 N New Hope DR/ 3300 N New Hope Dr/ residential, civic Northeast UR Stegall
S-29-19 Evans Place on Burt/3609 Burt Drive/ subdivision West UR Boivin
SUB-0039-2019 1801 Lynn Road North UR Purifoy
SUB-0058-2019 Cobalt Hill/ 3435 Blue Ridge Rd/ single family Northwest UR Purifoy
SUB-0059-2019 Stonehenge Place/ 7703 Ray Rd/ single family Northeast UR Purifoy
SUB-0061-2019 Jade Corner Subdivision/ 881 Cranbrook Rd/ single family Midtown UR Walters
SUB-0065-2019 917 Williams Rd/ 917 Williams Rd/ single family, apartments, townhomes Southeast UR Evans
SUB-068-2019 McGray Farm/ 3115 and 3215 Garner Rd / townhomes South UR Boivin
SUB-0069-2019 Preserve at Louisbury/ 3737 & 3851 Louisbury Rd/ single family Forestville UR Purifoy
SUB-0070-2019 3900 Jones Sausage / 3900 Jones Sausage Rd/ non residential South UR Boivin


Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
S-33-18 107 N. State Street/ 107 N. State St/ Residential North Central UR Purifoy
S-37-18 Wade Estates/ 2618 Wade Av/ Single-family lots Wade UR Purifoy
S-38-18 Moss Subdivision/ 502 Colleton Rd/ Residential East Raleigh UR Purifoy
S-44-18 Litchford Rd Townhomes/ 8020 Litchford Rd/ Townhomes North UR Boivin
S-46-18 East College Park Townhome Site 2/ 106 N Fisher St & 1701 Boyer St/ Townhomes North Central UR Stegall
S-52-18 519 E. Edenton/ 519 E. Edenton St/ Single-family North UR Stegall
S-55-18 Town Center Subdivision/ 3900 Sumner Blvd & 5405 Oak Forest Dr/ Residential Northeast UR Walters
S-56-18 Wildcat Branch/ 3124 Garner Rd/ Townhomes Central UR Stegall
S-61-18 Sunpointe Townhomes/ Farmgate Rd & Sunpointe Dr/ Townhomes West UR Stegall
S-62-18 Graham Sutton/ 805 Graham St/ Residential Hillsborough UR Purifoy
S-64-18 Pineland Townhomes/ 106 Pineland Cir/ Townhomes West UR Walters

2017 THRU 2014

Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description CAC Status* Contact
S-22-14 Revision Courtland Subdivision/ 1335 Courtland Dr/ Single-family Mordecai UR Walters
S-27-14 Revision Gabriels Bend Subdivision/ 7900 Gabriels Bend Dr/ single-family residential Northwest UR Walters
S-22-15 Smith Ridge Subdivision/ 5909 Forestville Rd/ Residential Northeast UR Walters
S-26-15 Shawood Drive/ 5813 & 5817 Shawood Dr/ Single-Family North UR Rametta
S-52-15 Unity Church Lot 2/ 9301 Leesville Rd/ Commercial East Raleigh UR Walters
S-71-15 Woodburn Road/ 837 Woodburn Rd/ 2 single family lots Hillsborough UR Walters
S-74-15 720 E Davie Townes/ 720 E Davis St/ Townhome Development South Central UR Rametta
S-11-16 Hargett Oaks/ 520 E. Hargett St and 540 E. Hargett St/ Townhomes South UR Walters
S-19-16 New Hope Crossing Office Townhomes/ 2241 N. New Hope Rd/ Commercial Office use Northeast UR Walters
S-25-16 Williams General Subdivision/ 1911 New Bern Av/ Single-family East Raleigh UR Walters
S-30-16 Idlewood Addition Lots 1 & 2/ 120 E. Lane St/ Single-family North Central UR Walters
S-43-16 Gannett South Subdivision/ 702 Gannett St./ Townhomes West UR Walters
S-65-16 Revision Trailwood/ 1000 and 1100 Trailwood Dr/ Subdivision West UR Walters
S-68-16 Revision Cannae Subdivision/ 409 & 411 Glasscock St/ Single-family residential Mordecai UR Purifoy
S-78-16 Bloomsbury at Boylan/ 710 & 0 Independence Place/ Condominiums Hillsborough UR Lobo
SUB-S-3-2017Revision East College Park Townhomes Site1/ various addresses North Central UR Evans
S-6-17 Fairbanks Drive Subdivision/ 9309 Fairbanks Dr/ Single-family Northwest UR Lobo
S-8-17 Fieldstone Crossing Phase 4/ 1351 Garden Stone Dr/Residential Southeast UR Lobo
S-13-17 Caswell Pollard Property Lot 1/ 527 S. East St/ Residential South Central UR Walters
S-26-17 OBerry Towns/ 2820 Oberry St/ Single-family Wade UR Walters
S-28-17 Revision FHD Revision/ 522 Edenton St/ Residential North Central UR Walters
S-34-17 3117 Poole Road/ 3117 & 3123 Poole Rd., 635 & 639 Rawls Dr./ Single-family East Raleigh UR Walters
S-60-17 Avant Ferry Road Townhomes/2725, 2727 & 2735 Avent Ferry Rd/ Townhomes Southeast UR Walters
S-71-17 Biltmore Heights Townhomes/ 2613 Garner Rd/ Townhomes South UR Walters
S-88-17 Banbury Road Subdivision/2115 Banbury Rd/Residential subdivision Wade UR Boivin

North Ridge Bent Pine Subdivision/6901 Bent Pine Pl/Residential subdivision

North UR Boivin