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Fire Prevention Week 2023 : Oct. 8 - 14 Ways to Help Prevent Fires Fire Department Educational Presentations

The Raleigh Fire Department offers education and outreach services for children, schools, preschools, teachers, and day care providers. The education division also has classes and other outreach efforts for the business, residential, and targeted high-risk communities.

For additional kid-friendly information including videos, music, brain busters, and more, learn from Sparky the Fire Dog by the National Fire Prevention Association.

Fire Prevention Week 2023 : Oct. 8 - 14

Cooking safety starts with You. Pay attention to fire prevention.

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Ways to Help Prevent Fires

Cooking safety starts with YOU.

The leading cause of fires in the ktichen is unattended cooking. Most cookie fires in the home involve the kitchen stove.

Cook with caution!

  • Be on alert! If you are sleepy or have consumed alcohol don’t use the stove or stovetop.
  • Stay in the kitchen while you are frying, boiling, grilling, or broiling food. If you leave the kitchen for even a short period of time, turn off the stove.
  • If you are simmering, baking, or roasting food, check it regularly, remain in the home while food is cooking, and use a timer to remind you that you are cooking.
  • Keep anything that can catch fire — oven mitts, wooden utensils, food packaging, towels or curtains — away from your stovetop.

If you have a small (grease) cooking fire and decide to fight the fire...

  • On the stovetop, smother the flames by sliding a lid over the pan and turning off the burner. Leave the pan covered until it is completely cooled.
  • For an oven fire, turn off the heat and keep the door closed.

If you have any doubt about fighting a

small fire…

  • Just get out! When you leave, close the door behind you to help contain the fire.
  • Call 9-1-1 or the local emergency number from outside the home.

Cooking and Kids

Have a kid-free zone of at least 3 feet around the stove and areas where hot food or drink is prepared or carried.


Fire Department Educational Presentations

Two boys checking out a firefighter with his mask on and a EMT

From left to right: Hudson and Parker Prentice check out firefighter's mask during a follow up visit to the fire station.

The Raleigh Fire Department offers fire station tours, fire truck visits, educational presentations, and participation in community outreach events.

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