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Turn Around - Don't Drown How to Report Flooding

Turn Around - Don't Drown

If you are driving and the road has water flowing over it, you need to remember the National Weather Service’s warning: “Turn Around – Don’t Drown.”  Never drive on a road with water covering it, and never drive around barriers blocking a flooded road or it could cost you your life.

When flood waters cross a road, a driver does not know how deep the water is or if the road bed is still intact. It only takes about six inches of moving water to sweep a person off their feet, and as little as 18 inches of water to sweep an automobile downstream. Once a vehicle becomes buoyant; the water will easily push it sideways. Most vehicles will then tend to roll over, potentially trapping those inside.

For more information on emergency preparation, view the the City of Raleigh's Resources for Emergency Preparedness on this page, Federal Emergency Management Agency website, Wake County Emergency Management website, or the State of North Carolina Emergency website.

How to Report Flooding

If you have experienced flooding problems, contact Raleigh Stormwater to request an inspection. An inspector will meet with you to suggest possible ways to reduce flood damage. In order to assist citizens with existing stormwater concerns, the City of Raleigh has established the Drainage Assistance Program. Under the program, the City will provide technical design and cost-sharing assistance, if the owner is willing to provide necessary easements and share in the cost of the repairs. To report drainage issues and concerns, call Raleigh Stormwater at 919-996-3940 or send an email to RaleighStormwater@raleighnc.gov.