Proclamation for Bullying Prevention Month


WHEREAS, bullying is defined as unwanted aggressive behavior or intimidation that may inflict physical, psychological or social harm on a person or group of people; and

WHEREAS, bullying has become increasingly prevalent and damaging to children and adults, especially through the use of technology, also known as cyberbullying; and

WHEREAS, the City of Raleigh offers a wide variety of youth and adult programs designed to empower future leaders, foster creativity, and promote diversity, equity, inclusion and friendships; and

WHEREAS, we, as a City Council, all agree that unwanted aggressive behavior has no place in our community and that we are committed to offering all residents an environment that holds promise, provides security and gives residents an opportunity to live, work, play and learn; and,

WHEREAS, at a time when engaging in civic affairs has become increasingly divisive, local governments have an opportunity to demonstrate how people from all backgrounds and perspectives can come together in civil discourse; and,

WHEREAS, communities across the United States are commemorating “Bullying Prevention Month” in October, challenging people of all ages to pledge to end unwanted aggressive behavior.

NOW, THEREFORE, do I, Mary-Ann Baldwin, Mayor of the City of Raleigh, North Carolina, hereby proclaim the month of October 2021 in the City of Raleigh as


We urge all citizens to work toward the prevention of bullying and consider pledging to be part of the solution to end bullying in all its forms.

The Pledge

Because I believe I can be part of the solution to end bullying and cyber-bullying, I pledge to: 

  • Remember kindness; 
  • Empower others to call out unwanted aggressive behavior;
  • Support people who have been affected by bullying or cyberbullying;  
  • Participate in dialogue that is inclusive of others;
  • Educate my friends and family about the harmful effects of bullying;
  • Communicate honestly without attacking or belittling others; and 
  • Treat others with respect.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the City of Raleigh, North Carolina, to be affixed this 5th day of October 2021.

City Council