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Raleigh City Council encourages citizen input

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Public Hearing Schedule

The City Council meets in regular session on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. On the first Tuesday, requests by citizens will be heard during the 7 p.m. session; On the third Tuesday, requests by citizens will be heard during the 1 p.m. session. For most up to date meeting updates, including time or location changes or cancellations, please visit the City Council event series.


To speak at a public hearing, you must do so in person, and you are required to sign up by 5 p.m. on the Monday prior to the meeting. You must sign up using the online form below. The web form will appear on this page only when the sign-up window is open. You may also call the Clerk’s office at 919-996-3040 to sign up.

During the meeting, you will be asked to move to the front of the room when the case you have signed up to speak about is announced.

Note: Attending Rezoning public hearings does not guarantee the opportunity to speak due to time limitations.

If you intend to utilize a presentation to accompany your remarks during the hearing, you must submit presentation materials by 5 p.m. on the Friday prior to the meeting, email the file to

How to Watch

Public Hearings happen during the City Council meeting. The council meeting will be broadcast for viewing by the public via the following channels: the City's website, the City's YouTube Live Stream, or Channel RTN-11. 

PUBLIC NOTICE is given that a public hearing will be held by the Raleigh City Council on the date and at the time designated below, to solicit comments on each of the items described or under the hearing date and time. 

Upcoming Public Hearings

December 6, 2022 @ 7:00 p.m

  • Federal FY2023-24 Annual Housing Action Plan
  • Petition Annexation AX-31-22- Contiguous inside ETJ - 12201 Leesville Road (District E)
  • Rezoning Z-31-22 S Harrington Street (District D)​ (Held open from November 1 meeting)
  • Rezoning Z-34-22 Hillsborough Street Assemblage (District D)​ ​ (Held open from November 1 meeting)
  • Rezoning Z-46-22 490 Old Poole Road (District C)
  • Rezoning Z-57-22 McLean Drive/Old Wake Forest Road Assemblage (District A)​
  • Rezoning Z-67-21: North Hills Assemblage (District A) (Held open from November 15 meeting)
  • Street Closing STC-08-2022 Portion of Seaboard Avenue Right-of-Way
  • Street Closing STC-09-2022 Triangle Town Boulevard Extension Right-of-Way

January 3, 2023 @ 7:00 p.m

  • Dix Edge Area Study Final Report and Comprehensive Plan Amendment
  • Petition Annexation AX-1-22- Contiguous Outside ETJ - 6720 Rock Quarry Road (District C) 
  • Rezoning Z-2-22  Rock Quarry Road (District C)
  • Rezoning Z-38-22 7640 Oak Hill Drive (District B)
  • Rezoning Z-43-22 – 405 Clover Lane (District C)
  • Rezoning Z-53-22 S Wilmington Street, Summit Avenue (District D)​
  • Rezoning Z-54-22 Peace & West (District D)
  • Rezoning Z-55-22 Johnson Street (District D)
  • Rezoning Z-62-22 Crosslink Road (District C)
  • Rezoning Z-72-21 Lake Wheeler Road (District D)

January 17, 2023 @ 1:00 p.m

  • Petition Annexation AX-32-22- Contiguous inside ETJ - 5100 Forestville Road (District B)
  • Rezoning Z-37-22 Plainview Drive & Polly Street (District C)
  • Rezoning Z-71-22 – 849 W Morgan St (District D)

Quasi-Judicial Evidentiary Hearings

Please visit Quasi-Judicial Evidentiary Hearings at City Council for information and to obtain information on current cases.

Public Hearing Time Consideration

The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) provides that at the public hearing, those in favor of the rezoning will be allowed a total of 8 minutes to explain their support and those opposed to the rezoning will be allowed a total of 8 minutes to explain their opposition. If you want to make sure that your position is communicated to the City Council, proponents and opponents are encouraged to choose one or two spokespersons and/or present their concerns in writing prior to the hearing.

Sign Up to Speak

Interpretation Services

The City offers interpreter services in other languages, including American Sign Language, at no cost to the speaker. This is included in the sign up form below, which appears on this page only when the sign up window is open. Please give at least 5 business days notice for the City to secure an interpreter; if less than that, services cannot be guaranteed.




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