Quasi-Judicial Evidentiary Hearings at City Council

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The Raleigh City Council conducts both public hearings and quasi-judicial evidentiary hearings. These are two different types of hearings with different requirements. The information on this page is related to quasi-judicial evidentiary hearings. 

The General Assembly has approved the use of remote meetings, including remote quasi-judicial hearings, during the statewide COVID-19 state of emergency pursuant to Session Law 2020-2, N.C. Gen. Stat. § 166A-19.24.  The remote meetings of the City Council and the City Boards will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of that statute.

Upcoming Evidentiary Hearings

The Raleigh City Council sits a quasi-judicial body when hearing requests for subdivision approval in a historic overlay zoning district and conducts an evidentiary hearing on the subdivision application. 

How to Participate in Evidentiary Hearings

Individuals with competent and material evidence relevant to the case may participate in an evidentiary hearing.  All individuals (including but not limited to all attorneys, applicants, property owners, witnesses and neighbors) must sign-up in advance to participate in the evidentiary hearing.  

City Council Quasi-Judicial Evidentiary Hearings Sign-up

Resources for Quasi-Judicial Evidentiary Hearings

Download Citizen's Guide to Evidentiary Hearings

Video on Evidentiary Hearings

Video on Evidentiary Hearings

Evidentiary Hearings also known as Quasi-Judicial Hearings are conducted by City Council in which they solicit concerns from different constituents. This video explains and provides a real life scenario of an Evidentiary Hearing.

How to Watch the Meeting

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, IT and Communications are partnering to host Raleigh City Council meetings via Webex Events until further notice. Instead of the Council Chamber, viewers will see speakers on their webcams and any PowerPoint presentations will be shared via the Webex platform.  We appreciate your patience as we navigate this new way of meeting!  For details on the ways to view these virtual meetings navigate to this page: Watch City Council, and Select Meetings, Live.


The State of North Carolina, Wake County, and the City of Raleigh have all declared States of Emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Governor Cooper has also imposed Executive Orders which are intended to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus by, among other things, requiring individuals to remain in their homes except when engaging in certain activities, and prohibiting any gatherings which do not comply with their terms.

The various in-person meetings and hearings regularly held by the Raleigh City Council, as well as the multiple City appointed boards and commissions (collectively “City Boards”), generally involve the physical attendance of the Council or City Board members, who in turn encourage physical public participation and input during those meetings. It is not uncommon for meetings to have a large attendance which could make compliance with the Executive Orders and currently recommended social distancing practices impossible. 

Citywide COVID-19 Information

Public Hearings

Please visit Public Hearings for City Council - Sign Up to Speak for information on Public Hearings.



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